Made up broken hearts
Made up broken hearts sad stories

badlands17 An average 19 yo guy going through life
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Unrequited love makes you question your own worth

Made up broken hearts

I am delusional Falling too fast, I know this love won’t last I get too attached, they don’t even notice it when they break my heart.

I am deranged Lips soft like a rose, with a heart full of thorns I will keep on hoping, tho I know I’ll get hurt.

I am insane For giving too much, I open my heart to people who are destined to tear it apart.

I am desperate All the little things mean way too much, starving eyes and skin that begs for touch Fooling myself over and over that they might be pitiful enough.

It’s a made-up broken heart, mine, Longing for a love so painful but so divine.

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