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a conversation with myself

From Me to You

I hate everything about you Why are you even here? What are you even doing? What have you done to us?

Why are you so selfish? Why don’t you care that I'm ugly? No one likes us And its all your fault

I don’t even know who I am No one will understand me I'm screaming inside I'm drowning No one hears me

Why can’t I remember those times Or can I remember and I just choose to ignore it Why do I feel better than I used to back then But at the same time worse Because I can feel every single thing now

Back then I felt nothing I enjoyed pain and being hurt It made me feel safe It protected me

But now I cling on to any little bit of love I'm so desperate for acceptance When I can’t even love me or you

We need to help each other Me and you - my past self I feel like you’re slowly creeping back

Like a fog is slowly engulfing me Suffocating me Until I can’t breathe and I'm numb again And all I want is pain

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