Y+B (JIKOOK) Chapter 2
Y+B (JIKOOK) Chapter 2 jikook stories

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Chapter 2 Jimin POV

Y+B (JIKOOK) Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Jimin POV

I sighed as I got ready for work. I worked at a strip club but I wasn't a stripper. I was an exotic dancer. Basically a clothed stripper that could dance really well.

I made alot of money here at The Hot Spot ( gay ) Strip Club. It's run by Chan E.

He's handsome, a douche, rich, and also very much my boss so I need to suck up to him if I want to be treated well.

" Yah Jimin-ah get your ass out here there are men waiting!!" Chan shouted impatiently. " Yes Sir I'm coming out now!" I screamed so he could hear me over the loud music. ( time skip )

After I finished my dance for the night I went over some of the men I saw in the audience. I'm pretty sure there was this one guy ummmm what was his name?....

Jungkook ahh that's it! Wait holy shit that means Jungkook saw me dance. He must think I'm some kind of hoe or something. I started hypervenalating but then one of my guards shouted my name.

" Hey Jimin there is someone out here who is in a really sexy demonic outfit who's wanting to see you!" He said.

I curiously walked towards my dressing room door and my mouth watered at the sight of jungkook in a badass outfit with the sexiest horns on the top of his head.

' Hey Jimin-ah I wanted to see you." Jungkook said in such a way that made me want to faint. " Oh um sure let me just get my jacket and we can talk at a coffee shop or something.

" I half whispered because I was always shy around him. ( time skip to coffee )

" So what'd you want to see me about kook?" I said sipping my mochi-bean cappuccino slowly. " Kook?" Jungkook snickered softly with a stunned look on his face.

" Oh yeah sorry it just slipped I won't do that again." I said shyly which made Jungkook chuckle this time. " Yah! Jimin it's ok I like it." Jungkook said smiling.

" And I wanted to just see your cute adorable innocent face again but I didn't know you were an exotic dancer which makes this more fun.

" Jungkook smiled with a certain look in his eyes that i couldn't quite pick up on. " Haha yeah ..... you weren't supposed to know that but whatever I have a question for you." "Shoot."

Jungkook said. " Alright whats up with these horns and the tail?" Jungkook looked at me nervously and said. " It's ummm well....... I'm the uh....... I'm the demon prince of .....

*coughs* heLL *coughs* . " Of what?" I asked confuused since I couldn't hear over his coughing. "...HELL...." Right then and there I fainted.

" Well shit now I gotta take him to my place" I heard Jungkook say before I completely passed out. Hell.....demon prince....wtf is going on


Next chapter will be out soon

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