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A character who was unfortunate enough to break


By B-Anna

Some things are meant to break in this world

Some are meant to be broken for the greater good.

But if some things didn’t break, we wouldn’t learn how to fix them

And the most notorious thing to break, repeatedly- day after day, with cracks all over their bodies and bones, hearts and brains; in and out- are humans

But maybe they are meant to break.

Meant to feel every emotion harden into a physical form. Causing their bearer to suffer the consequences.

HE... Broke. Falling in a heap of his shattered pieces. Breaking even more at the sight of her. SHE... Broke him. Standing over the heap of his shattered pieces. Breaking even more at the sight of him.

“What did I do to deserve this?” He said angrily as tears cascaded from his eyes.

“Why did I accidentally” -raising his fingers to imitate quotation marks- “drop from her hands?” He said, sounding more frustrated with every remark.

“Why was I the one to shatter into a million pieces right before her eyes as she looked down with guilt?” He said, looking hurt.

“Tell me,” he said desperately, “why did you do this to me?”

“I’m...I’m sorry,” was all she managed to write-precisely the way it was written, along with this note.

He looked at her in disbelief, scoffing at the irony as the author to this unexplainable tragedy thought of what to say next.

The author, myself, was the ‘she’ in the story; the guilty.

The same author who decided to create such a precious soul, sacrifice him in order to send ‘the feeling’ after you finish reading this.

The author who showed you his broken parts.

Maybe I was the one who should have shattered, not him.

But maybe we are meant to break.

Maybe after this, I’ll write him in a more optimistic state; he knew how to glue his pieces back together.

Because that’s the only way we’ll know how to fix ourselves; right after we break.

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