ONE PIECE - The Eccentric Exploits of the Egregious Strawhat Pirates in Alabasta (Prologue - Part 4/4)
ONE PIECE - The Eccentric Exploits of the Egregious Strawhat Pirates in Alabasta (Prologue - Part 4/4) one piece stories

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And the final part of the prologue for the film they ain't makin'. But that was fun, yo!

ONE PIECE - The Eccentric Exploits of the Egregious Strawhat Pirates in Alabasta (Prologue - Part 4/4)



There's no need to thank me, guys. Helping myself to 95% of the loot is more than enough.


Soulless is right...


Divine work, sweet Nami!


(holding the "Alabasta" log pose)

So what's this thing?


That's the Alabasta log pose.

(Ruffy stares uncomprehendingly)

The Grand Line's equivalent to a compass?

(Ruffy stares uncomprehendingly)

The reason why we let those Baroque Works clowns catch up with us to begin with?

(Ruffy stares uncomprehendingly)

It will lead us to Alabasta, alright?


What, this silly thing?

Ruffy juggles the log pose while whistling cheerfully, and then kicks it away in the direction of the sea.

USOPP, NAMI, SANJI, the GREENHAIRED-MAN, the FURRED MAN, VIVI and BEAKY lose their collective shit.


(while all simultaneously launching themselves at RUFFY with a kick that sends him flying after the log pose)



Whoa wait I can't swi...

And as RUFFY and the log pose hit the water, we CUT TO




"Monkey D. Ruffy."

A "NEWSREEL" begins:

(A wanted poster for one Monkey D. Ruffy; he wears the same silly grin he did during the fight)

"Born and raised - but certainly never educated - in Windmill Village on Dawn Island in East Blue. Parents unknown."

(A world map, which zooms into EAST BLUE, then DAWN ISLAND, then WINDMILL VILLAGE)

"At some point in his childhood, ate one of the fabled devil fruits."

(An image of a devil fruit)

"The fruit in question was the gum-gum fruit, in effect turning him into a rubber man."

(An image of a younger Ruffy stretching his face like rubber)

"At age seventeen proclaiming himself captain of the Strawhat Pirates - consisting of he, himself and him - and King of the Pirates.

Travelling to Shells Town and recruiting Lolonoa Zoro, then considered one of the foremost bounty hunters and sword-masters in East Blue."

(An image of Lolonoa Zoro with a sword in each hand and a third in his teeth, blocking the blows from several navy-held swords and generally looking baller as fuck)

"It was there that he ended the reign of terror of corrupt Navy Captain Morgan and restored the local navy headquarters to its former glory."

(An image of Ruffy, Zoro, Koby, Rika and the happy villagers and navy-men of Shells Town)

"Next, recruiting infamous and heartless thief Nami..."

(An image of Nami, who poses for the image while emptying the pockets of two passing naval officers)

"...and ending the reign of terror of pirate captain Buggy the Clown in Orange Town."

(An image of Ruffy sending Buggy the Clown flying)

"Next, Ruffy and his small crew arriving at Syrup Village and recruiting Usopp the Liar, confirmed to have a maximum of three men fighting for him."

(An image of a laughing Usopp - accompanied by Carrot, Paprika and The Onion - fleeing from enraged villagers)

"Otherwise nothing of importance occurred at or near Syrup Village."

(Images of an obviously battle-damaged beach, its cliffs destroyed, covered in a ripped mast, weapons, and blood)

"The four then sailing to the sailing restaurant Baratie, where Zoro survives an encounter with War-Sea Seven Juraquille 'Hawk Eyes' Mihawk..."

(An image of Zoro being cut down by a mysterious swordsman)

"...and Ruffy ends the reign of terror of Don Krieg, commander of the Don Krieg Pirate Fleet."

(An image of Ruffy punching straight through the massive armour of Don Krieg)

"While on Baratie, taking one of the chefs there - Banjo - hostage, and bringing with. There are no visuals of Banjo, but he is believed to look like this."

(An extremely unflattering image of Sanji, similar to his future wanted poster)

"Then sailing to the Conomi Archipelago and ending the reign of terror of Arlong the Shark, bounty 20 million belins."

(Images of the Strawhats struggle against the Arlong pirates, ending in the destruction of Arlong Park)

"Eluding Captain Smoker and the authorities at Loguetown."

(An image of a cheerful Ruffy & c:o fleeing from an enraged Smoker, Tashigi and the navy)

"Entering the Grand Line by means of Reverse Mountain."

(An image of a terrifying mountain in the eye of a storm)

"Arriving at Whiskey Peak, and there defeating the present members of the Baroque Works."

(An image of how Whiskey Peak looked post-battle)

"Becoming the escort for Princess Nefertari Vivi of the kingdom of Alabasta."

(An image of Vivi and Beaky standing beside her father, King Nefertari Kobra)

"Surviving Smallgard."

(An image of Ruffy toasting with the giants Dory and Brogy)

"Arriving at Drum Island - since renamed 'Cherry Blossom Kingdom' - and ending the reign of terror of King Wapol."

(An image of Ruffy sending Wapol flying)

"Adopting a local beaver as crew mascot."

(An image of the FURRED MAN - TONYTONY CHOPPA - in his smaller form)

"In summation - Number of rival pirates, corrupt navy officers and tyrant kings defeated: Five.

Number of acts of actual piracy committed: Zero.


Is... That doesn't sound right. Are we su... Okay.

Currently sailing his ship the Going Merry in the direction of Alabasta, with his crew Zoro, Nami and Usopp, his pet Choppa, his guest Nefertari Vivi, her pet Beaky, and the hostage chef Banjo.

Their goal: to stop the on-going civil war, and the Baroque Works, and its Patron, and bring peace to Alabasta.


Unless we stop them!"


The "Newsreel" - being the result of a PROJECTOR SNAIL projecting images on a white screen - is at an end, and a heavy atmosphere settles over the richly furnished lounge room.

A chandelier flicks to life, shedding some light on the room's inhabitants.

There are five of them: two men, two women, and one MONSIEURMADAME DEUX (a flamboyant and constantly smiling transvestite with a swan theme).

With MONSIEURMADAME DEUX are MISTER FOUR (a huge, curious man), MISS MERRY CHRISTMAS (an equally odd-looking woman), MISTER ONE (a frightening,

shaved man with a determined face) and MISS NEW YEAR'S EVE (a tall, elegant woman with a cruel facial expression).

Together, they are the remaining commanding officers of the BAROQUE WORKS, each of them a professional killer, each of them a devourer of a DEVIL FRUIT.


So now we know who we are up against.

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