Game of Thrones Season 8 2.0 - Episode 6 Part 1
Game of Thrones Season 8 2.0 - Episode 6 Part 1 game of thrones stories

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The eleventh part of my reimagining of the eight season of Game of Thrones.
The war is over, but did it bring Spring?

Game of Thrones Season 8 2.0 - Episode 6 Part 1


An eye opens.

Not a human eye, but raven's.

The bird's feathers are snow-white.

The door to the rookery opens, and a maester appears, weighed down by chains. He walks up to the white raven slowly, and gently ruffles its head.


Seems like you have work to do, little one.

White ravens depart from the Citadel in their hundreds, going forth to spread the news.

Winter has come to an end.

DAENERYS TARGARYEN is fidgeting in her seat. She looks different. Just different enough to let us understand that years have passed since we saw her last.


There's nothing to worry about.

TYRION LANNISTER sits down on the chair closest to her and gives a smile that he no doubt thinks is reassuring.


You have done this dozens of times before. Hundreds.


It's not the same. Then we were down in Oldtown, and the council was whoever was around, and the proceedings mercifully short. Now...


You'll be fine.




Great. You'll be great. Spectacular. Awe-inspiring.


Shut up.


As your grace demands.

The door to the council room opens, and the Queen's council arrives. LORD VARYS, Master of Whispers. LADY MISSANDEI, Mistress of Foreign Relations. SER GREY WORM, Queensguard commander.

SER DAVOS SEAWORTH, Master of Coin. LADY YARA GREYJOY, Mistress of Ships. And SER BRONN OF THE BLACKWATER, Lord Commander of the City Watch.

The first official Council Meeting of Queen Daenerys Targaryen, First of Her Name, in the Council Room in the newly-renovated Red Keep of King's Landing, Royal Capital of Westeros, begins.

Things could have been worse. Then again, things could have been better. The long winter is finally over, but the first spring harvest is still months away, and people are hungry.

Reserves are running out. It's a good thing Westeros has engaged in trade with the former slave cities of Dragon's Bay, care of Lord Protector DAARIO NAHARIS.

They have also set up a healthy trading relationship with the Summer Isles.

Westeros is still recovering, and the North remains almost completely uninhabited. But there is hope. And spring is coming.

At Winterfell, construction is still underway, the first few thousand people having only just arrived. But they are making good progress. They are motivated.

In the main hall of Winterfell, Warden of the North SANSA STARK is breaking fast with SER BRIENNE, commander of the Northern Forces, and SER PODRICK PAYNE, and LORD TORMUND OF HOUSE GIANTSBANE,

on visit from setting up a wildling populace at the Dreadfort (yes, he chose it because he though the name had a "nice ring to it"), and LADY MEERA REED,

who has come to offer the assistance of the Crannogmen.

Warming himself by the hearth is GHOST, taking a well-earned nap while the subtle motions of his ears let us know that he is still listening for dangers.

Down in the crypts there have been additions to the gallery.

ROBB STARK, CATELYN STARK, RICKON STARK, THEON GREYJOY, BRAN STARK and JON SNOW have joined the ranks of stoic pillars keeping watch in the darkness.

In a quiet place somewhere in central Westeros, construction is underway for a new sept. Progress is going swimmingly, with dozens of eager hands at work.

It is a pleasant enough worksite, even if the Guv does tend to be a bit rough around the edges.

SANDOR CLEGANE screams demands using words that have never once been uttered on a septa construction site. We tell ourselves that his eyes are smiling.

In woods not too far from the Septa site, a wolf pack is on the prowl, led by their fearless alpha NYMERIA.

At the Citadel, SAMWELL TARLY comes home after yet another day of hard work, reading and scribing. He is welcomed by his darling wife GILLY and his two children, LITTLE SAM and LYANNA.

In the labyrinthine depths of the Red Keep in King's Landings, there are three new dragon skulls on display.

It wasn't easy getting VISERION'S and RHAEGAL'S down here, but one does not disobey the queen. And at the head of them all, DROGON'S pitch-black skull rules supreme.

Back in the council room the meeting is coming to an end. Some things have been decided, others will require more time. Ruling seven kingdoms isn't easy. It isn't meant to be.

Daenerys thanks her council, they bow, and depart.

Grey Worm and Missandei wait until they are alone before they clutch each other's hands. Not that anyone minds, but there're appearances to uphold.

Varys sits down in his chambers. He opens a book and starts reading. Then he starts to whistle. Then he looks up, and gives each of the apparated children a brief smile.

What does his little birds have for him today?

Ser Davos returns to Flea Bottom for his part-time job. There's another construction site here, you see. For an orphanage. A bloody big one at that, and well-furbished.

He doesn't intend to let future generations suffer like he did.

Yara heads to her chambers, where a familiar-looking woman is waiting for her. The two smile at one another, and then begin to undress.


So how did I fare?

Tyrion looks up from his documents with a calculating look on his face.


Let me think...

Well, you were present at the meeting rather than off celebrating with whores, so compared to Robert you're an improvement.

You also didn't torture anybody, and resisted the urge to set anyone on fire, so neither your father nor Joffrey can hold a candle to you.

I'd say, over all, a promising start.




A spectacular start, your grace. Divine. The best start that any ruler has ever...


My lord Hand?


Yes, your grace?


Do kindly shut up.


I will at that, your grace.


I'll see you tomorrow, first thing.

Tyrion bows to his queen, turns, and starts for the door. Bronn gives a slightly less-respectable bow and follow suit.


Say Bronn, did I ever tell you about the time that my cleverness and good looks saved all of humanity?


If you're going to run your mouth all evening I'll need wine, and plenty of it.


Good idea. I've got some Arbor gold in my quarters.

Only the best will do for the saviour of mankind.


I hate you.


And I you.

The two disappear around a corner, and Daenerys smile wanes.

She is left alone in the council room, the silence like a veil.



Daenerys turns, her face brightening up in a glowing smile.

A young boy of four or five enters the council room. Wide-eyed, good-natured, and black-haired.

AEGON TARGARYEN embraces his mother, and she embraces him back.

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