Game of Thrones Season 8 2.0 - Episode 6 Part 2 (Finale)
Game of Thrones Season 8 2.0 - Episode 6  Part 2 (Finale) game of thrones stories

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The twelfth and final part of my reimagining of the eight season of Game of Thrones.
Valar Morghulis.

Game of Thrones Season 8 2.0 - Episode 6 Part 2 (Finale)

The Bandallon Harbour by the coast overlooking the Sunset Sea.

A sturdy ship with Direwolf sails.

On-deck is a young woman, dressed for a long ocean journey. She is armed with a small, thin blade, like an enlarged needle.

Spread in front of her is a map, and documents recounting the expeditions of one ELISSA FARMAN.


I had a feeling you'd look good in a captain's outfit.

ARYA STARK turns around to see GENDRY grinning at her. She walks up to him and punches him in the chest with her steel hand, which packs one hell of a punch.

Gendry groans in pain, his expression giving her the necessary fuel for a rich laugh.


To what do I owe the pleasure of the Lord of the Reach?


The Lord of the Reach grew tired of lordships and reaches.

By the time he had been named Baratheon and been taken to his ancestral home,

he found that they had been governing themselves just fine since the last Baratheon abandoned them some eleven years past.

And so the newly-appointed Lord kept the castle warm by means of manning the smithy, all through a long, cold, hard winter. But now that winter is over, and said Lord is bored. So he came here.


And what does the Lord want?

She smirks at him. Suddenly all of his confidence is blown away.


... ... ... ...hand...




Hand. What I want is your hand. Not your literal...

...and not the one you lost in... ...but your hand... marriage... my lady...

Arya stares at him. For the first time that we've seen her, she is completely dumbfounded.

The two share an awkward silence.

Eventually she walks up to him and plants a kiss on his lips.


Any lady would be lucky to have you, as a lord, as a husband, as anything. But I am no lady. That is not me.

She strokes his cheek. They look into each other's eyes. He knows that her decision is final.

Arya turns around and return to her maps and documents with a heavier heart than a few minutes ago. Gendry turns around and starts in the direction of the rail. Then he stops.


Say... You wouldn't be on the look-out for a first mate by any chance, would you?

She turns around. Looks at him. Begins to smile.


As a matter of fact, good men are hard to come by in Bandallon.


So I imagine.

They stop, each searching for some clever remark to throw at the other, both failing.

RAMIN DJAWADI orders his orchestra to bring the house down, and the orchestra complies.

As the music swells, we journey across Westeros, north to south.

Familiar faces, beloved people, our friends, almost like our family, people we've come to love over years of reading about their adventures and then seeing them unfurl up on the screen.

Now their journey is coming to their respective ends.

No. Not ends. Beginnings.

It is a glorious sunrise in King's Landing. From their view-point in the Red Keep, it looks to Daenerys and little Aegon as though the sun is emerging from the depths of the Narrow Sea.

Daenerys hugs her son close, tears of joy streaming from her eyes. Aegon's eyes meanwhile are filled not with tears but with wonder.

He is taking in as many details as he can, seeing the world unfurl in front of him, the beauty of it all.

It is a glorious sunset in Bandallon as the ship Snow sets sail for distant shores and worlds unknown.

From their view-point at the ship's bow, it looks to captain Arya Stark and first-mate Gendry Baratheon as though the sun is disappearing into the Sunset Sea.

They must be swift so as to catch it before it does.

Gendry inches closer to Arya, preparing to put his arm around her. She rolls her eyes, grabs his arm, and puts it around her.

The two look into each other's eyes, share a kiss, and then return their attention to the setting sun as they journey into the west...



Thanks to everyone who took part in bringing "Game of Thrones" to life.

I wouldn't have written this treatment had the series not touched me so, and despite how frustrated the last two episodes of the series made me,

I am still incredibly grateful to the cast and crew who laboured for so many years to make "Game of Thrones" the masterpiece it once was.

ARTUR ARTBORG ~Taby, 2019-06-13

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