Game of Thrones Season 8 2.0 - Episode 5 Part 4
Game of Thrones Season 8 2.0 - Episode 5 Part 4 game of thrones stories

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The ninth part of my reimagining of the eight season of Game of Thrones.
We have reached the epic climax.

Game of Thrones Season 8 2.0 - Episode 5 Part 4

Drogon takes to the skies, flying higher than ever before. He breaks through clouds, and Daenerys and Tyrion are granted rays from the hiding sun.


Have you ever seen something so beautiful?


... ... ...WHAT?


Never mind.

Drogon drops, bringing his wings close to his body so as to become a projectile.

He crushes clouds on his descent, and then in the last possible moment spreads his wings again and turns up just in time to avoid impact with the ground.

While doing so he spews forth new flames, concentrating it on one spot. It's more than just fire at this point. It's an explosive event.

Drogon flies forth, burning yet another line of wights. Hundreds of thousands have burned already. He passes the last ones, turn, and starts incinerating yet another line.

That's when the first scorpion bolt hits.

The White Walkers fire, one by one. And one by one, the nine scorpion bolt hits their mark as he flies past. The dragon isn't flying anymore.

He is only falling, blood spewing forth from the nine wounds along his flank.



Drogon makes a final attempt to ascend. Then he closes his eyes forever, crashing down onto the plains.

From his vantage point in the tower, Jon sees it happens.

He is grief-struck. Drogon is dead. With Tyrion on his back. Tyrion, and...



The White Walker charges at him. He dodges only at the final possible moment, and kicks it in the chest. It falls, but is caught by the second White Walker behind it.

Both scowl at Jon, ice-swords raised. He scowls back, before continuing his pursuit of the Night King.

This ends now!

Tyrion's eyes are closed, his body still, and yet moving.

He is being pulled across a crimson surface.

A pool of blood.

Drogon's blood.

Daenerys is crying and sobbing, and yet she still manages to drag Tyrion away from the corpse of Drogon. Her Drogon. Her child. Her darling boy. Her last.

No. Not the last. Not quite.


...wake up... ...lord hand... ...wake up... ...and fight...

She unsheathes her sword and turns to face the wights approaching her. Tyrion stumbles to his knees and draws his own blade.

The wights are less than twenty meters away when they are met by the cavalry. Ser Jorah and several Dothraki fighters crash into and through the lines.

Jorah is reaching out his hand, preparing to pull up Daenerys.

A passing wight cuts down his horse at its knees, and it falls, throwing him hard on the ground.

Daenerys and Tyrion rush to his aid.

In the Throne Room, Arya and Brienne continue fending off the remaining White Walkers. They have both received icy cuts. Bleeding, sweating, crying. But they are still standing.

The Hound tries to find his footing, but every time he attempts to get up the Mountain knocks him down with a kick.

In the staircase, the first White Walker catches up with Jon. He dodges, and cuts its right arm off before cleaving its head.

And at the top of the tower, the Night King is spreading His arms. This time He is not raising the dead.

Yara and the woman from King's Landing observe the evacuation at the docks, while their own ship has already set sail.

Suddenly, a shadow falls over them.

They look up to see the sky darkening.

The Night King is summoning Night itself.

A White Walker thrusts its blade towards the Hound. He dodges it by rolling over, and then again attempts to get up on his feet, only to be kicked down by the Mountain.

He growls and lashes out with his obsidian axe, but can reach neither opponent.

Suddenly the Mountain is pinned to the wall by Widow's Wail, thrown across the room by Brienne of fucking Tarth.



His complaint becomes a battle-cry as he bolts up, buries his axe in the face of the White Walker, kicks it aside, and begins landing blow after blow on the pinned-down Mountain.


I must help Jon!


Go! We'll keep the fuckers off your back!

Arya gives her a thankful nod, and then rushes towards the staircase. A White Walker blocks her path. She swings her obsidian spear at it.

He cuts it in two with such force that she cuts her palms. But instead of screaming in agony she drops to her knees, brings out her Valyrian steel blade, and stabs him in the gut with it.

Without losing momentum she heads up the staircase after her brother.

The Night King looks down on the city, and the plains beyond it, and the woods beyond them, and the mountains beyond them.

An entire world, tainted by Humans and Children of the Forest and their machinations. No more. This ends now.

There's a roar behind Him and Jon is thrown up on the top of the tower, swiftly followed by the White Walker launching himself at him.

Jon brings up Longclaw and impales the demon, before scrambling to his feet and turning the blade towards his final Adversary.

The Night King lowers His arms and looks at him.

Life and Death stare at one another.

Then Death draws His sword, and the two clash.

Out on the plains, Jorah receives a dagger to the gut. He responds by cutting down the wight responsible. He has no intention of going down, not for as long as he has a queen to protect.

Further off, an ice-spider launches itself at Ghost, and Sansa falls off his back. She hits the ground hard, and is now bleeding profusely from the forehead. She looks around, discombobulated.

Chaos everywhere. A wight charges at her, only to have its skull caught in Ghost's fangs and crushed.

Ghost may not be able to stay at one spot long enough for her to mount him again, but he isn't leaving her side.

Further off still, Pod and Gendry and Tormund and Meera and thousands of others continue their desperate fight for survival.

In the city, the Lannister forces don't have anything left to drop on the wights.

So now they have drawn their swords and their axes and their lances and are taking to the streets, pushing the dead out of their city, out into the plains.

And from the sky fall the cold snows of winter.

Jon and the Night King lock blades. Again. And again. And again.

Each equally determined. Each equally fierce. Neither budging an inch.

In the Throne Room, Brienne rushes to the pinned-down corpse-corpse of the Mountain to retrieve Widow's Wail, only for it to be cut in half by an ice-blade.

She locks eyes with the White Walker responsible, gives out a battle-cry, and charges, Oathkeeper in hand.

Behind her, the Hound fights off the other two remaining White Walkers.

Arya hurries up the staircase.

Jorah is impaled on a White Walker lance. Daenerys howls in grief and anger. The White Walker throws Jorah's limp body at her. She catches him, and they fall to the snow-covered ground.

With laboured breathing, Jorah looks up into his queen's eyes.

The White Walker goes forth, raising his lance to strike down the dragon queen. He doesn't even see Tyrion coming before he's already buried his obsidian dagger in the White Walker's calf.

The White Walker goes down on his knees, and Daenerys stabs it in the face. Then she again kneels by her fallen comrade's side.

Tyrion is joined by Grey Worm and Unsullied men, creating a perimeter around their queen.

Jorah gives his queen a feeble smile.


May your rule be long... and peaceful... khaleesi...

And with that the Mormont bear breathes his last breath.

And Daenerys is even lonelier in the world.

Jon charges at the Night King.

The Night King dodges.

The Night King thrusts.

Jon falls.

And Arya ascends to the top of the tower.



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