Game of Thrones Season 8 2.0 - Episode 5 Part 2
Game of Thrones Season 8 2.0 - Episode 5 Part 2 game of thrones stories

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The seventh part of my reimagining of the eight season of Game of Thrones.
Winter has come, and now the Defenders of humanity must fight side by side to bring Spring.

Game of Thrones Season 8 2.0 - Episode 5 Part 2

It would be better if they moved faster, if their onslaught was more aggressive. Less frightening, that way. But no.

The Army of the Dead moves at its own calm pace, ignoring the prayers of over a million people.

It's hard to tell if the Night King pacing Himself is due to a lack of feeling or if it is evident of a sadistic nature within.

King's Landing closes its gates. The tens of thousands of people denied access flee south. They find themselves hoping that the undead won't come for them until after the city has fallen.

To the credit of the remaining Lannister and Golden Company soldiers, they do their best to prepare a defense of the city.

But the majority of the soldiers are down on the streets with the other inhabitants,

at their mercy of a survival instinct that fails to inform them that their best chance of survival is fight rather than flight.

The Army of the Dead has gathered souvenirs during their slow march south. Catapults, for one thing. There were several in Winterfell, and at Moat Cailin, and at The Twins. Dozens.

And now all that firepower is focused on the walls of King's Landing. The bombardment doesn't stop until the dead are out of stones to fire.

By then the gates have crashed open and portions of the wall have been reduced to rubble. And so the dead charge.

The defenders fire everything they have at the oncoming hordes. Ever scorpion crossbow bolt. Ever stone from their catapult. Every arrow in their quiver. Eventually, some of them panic.

They find jars of wildfire. They load it up on the catapults, and fire. Two jars successfully find their way into the undead army.

Another explodes, igniting another two jars, burning the catapults, burning the scorpions, burning the defenders.

The Night King is the first to breach the city, followed by his White Walker entourage and now 333'000 wights.

The wights spread in every direction with the plan of systematically claiming the city and every life in it, block by block. The Night King has something else in mind, though.

He heads directly for the Red Keep.

The people of King's Landing flee in a wild panic. People are trampled to death on the street. Some give in to despair and stay indoors to await the inevitable.

And the ones furthest back are close enough to already be slaughtered by the wights. Another harvest has begun, the most bountiful one yet.

We're following one of the inhabitants. A woman who looks familiar, somehow. Maybe we recognize her as a young woman LORD EDDARD STARK once met at a brothel.

Back then she had been nurturing a black-haired girl, the bastard child of the late king ROBERT BARATHEON.

Now that black-haired girl is dead, executed by the City Watch on the orders of the tyrant JOFFREY. But they never bothered killing the mother. So she has been grieving ever since.

Will today be the day that grief consumes her entirely, her and everyone else in the city?

She heads to the docks. Freezing to death in the Blackwater somehow seems preferable to the mercy of the undead.

She is not the only one heading to the docks. It seems as though everyone is, in a huge push. She loses her balance. Falls. And is caught by a pair of firm hands.


Easy there. Would hate for a pretty thing like yourself to end up at the mercy of these bastards' bootheels.

The Queen-to-be of the Iron Islands grins down at the woman. Behind YARA waits ships. Hundreds of them.

The dock is full of ships, ready for an evacuation, with the bay filled with many more, waiting to carry on work when these are full.


This city stinks. No, really, smell it. It reeks of shit and cum, of deceit and despair, of death. I'm planning on taking this 'ere ship and getting the fuck out of here. Want to come with me?

The woman looks up on her saviour, and somehow manages a smile.

Yes, there is still hope.

Yes, the people of King's Landing are being evacuated.

True, even with the entirety of the Iron Fleet, the merchant ships, and another fleet whose sails are vaguely familiar (resembling large red suns impaled on spears),

there is nowhere near enough ships to carry the entirety of the King's Landing population away. But this is better than nothing.

Not a perfect plan, not a plan that will solve every problem and make everyone happy. But a realistic, pragmatic plan. Perhaps we can guess from whose mind this particular plan originated.

Tyrion's Master Plan is underway.

Yara brings the woman aboard her ship. There aren't many crew-members, only the bare minimum to operate a ship this size. It makes sense, more room for the refugees.

But where are the rest of the men?

The gates to the Throne Room are opened. The Night King enters.

The corpses of the Queensguard and Qyburn are still here. And Cersei is still lying on the throne she toiled so hard for. She is pale as snow, the throne a brilliant Lannister crimson.

The Night King approaches the Iron Throne.

The Night King closes His eyes.


(in the language of the Children of the Forest)

What is your name?

The Night King opens His eyes.

A stone circle, thousands of years ago.

A Heart Tree, red sap colouring the white bark.

A man is sitting by its roots. His eyes are a brilliant turquoise and His skin is pale, but He still has ways to go before He'll become the creature that lays waste to Winterfell.


What is your name?

He looks up. By his feet stand a Child of the Forest, LEAF, who many eons later will sacrifice herself to save BRAN STARK. Behind her stand other Children of the Forest.

They are all watching him intently, each of them armed with obsidian blades; insurance policies, in case the experiment failed.


(in a language resembling that of the Children of the Forest, but colder, harsher - like icicles drawing breath)

I... My... My name is Bran... Brandon...


No. No, that is not your name.


Then who... what... I can't remember...


Do you remember me?


I... I remember... I remember... Summer...


No. You are mistaken.

We are creatures of summer. The defender of all living things. We are with the deepest roots of the trees and with the tips of the highest mountains. We remember summer. True summer.

You are a creature of winter. You are Winter.


And why... if... What is my purpose?


You are to dethrone the enemies of summer. You are to cure the disease that is plaguing these lands. You will go to their homes and you will cut them down, one by one.

Any creature that insults nature by having a face that mocks that of the heart trees. Every creature with a voice that mocks those of the singing birds and howling wolves.

You will crush their castles and bring them to a swift end. You will deliver them in ice and snow.

You will be this world's salvation.


I am this world's salvation.


I am this world's salvation.

The Night King ascends the staircase in the Throne Room.


I will dethrone all beings that threaten the sanctity of Nature, be they death-bringing humans or Forest Children who have lost their way.

He stands by the throne. He looks down into the unseeing eyes of the fallen queen. He reaches out a hand to touch the throne.


I bring winter to their castles. I break their walls. I freeze their bodies. And I claim their thrones for my own.

I. Am. Winter!

The milli-second before His hand would have reached the throne, the air is filled with the sound of horns.

On the battlements of King's Landing, White Walkers look westward. Something is moving on the other side of the plains.

Emerging from the forest is the final hope of all mankind.

SER JORAH MORMONT brings his mount to a stop. Beside him, Sansa brings Ghost to a stop.

Nymeria is without a rider ("That's not you"), but she looks every bit as prepared as Ghost to bring death to the dead, as do the hundred wolves behind her.

This alone would have been an impressive sight.

Joining their numbers are the Dothraki. The 500 that came south with Tyrion & c:o, and the 100 or so brought with Jorah.

Joining them are 800 Unsullied, led by a determined Grey Worm.

Joining them are a visibly shook EDMURE TULLY and his force of 2'000 Riverlands soldiers, enforced by an additional 2'000 Northmen found by Jon & c:o during their travel southward.

Among their numbers we see MEERA REED commanding the Crannogmen.

Joining them are 1'000 Wildings, led by Tormund.

Joining them are 3'000 Ironborn, all the men that Yara could spare from the evacuations.

Joining them are forces of Westerosi soldiers from the west and south, over 4'000 in all.

And joining them are 20'000 Dornish warriors led by the young ELIA SAND, new Princess of Dorn.

The Defenders of Westeros - over 33'000 strong - are preparing for their charge. The second phase of Tyrion's plan is underway.

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