No one's favorite
No one's favorite poetry stories

ayushmanot this is my pen's villa
Autoplay OFF   •   12 days ago
This is a piece when I thought I should appreciate poetry and night time as my two best friends who took care of me for the last 2 years very good.

No one's favorite

Empty space lonely soul, Pen becomes best friend, Letters becomes emotions, Emotions spilled throught best friend,

Some sorrows turned into letters, Cries filled in blank sheet, Betrayals cried in words,

Wet papers due to overflowing emotions, Loneliness filled in by sheets,

Nights became another friend, Quiet and alone, Shouting but with closed mouth, Empty dead inside,

Feeling nothing but hell, Beats and wears off his skin, Red river flowing out,

Red eyes by insomnia and shredding, Chaos inside but calm outside, Everyone likes him yet no one's favourite!

Thanks for reading, really appreciate it ❤️🌹

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