Mother's day special, My first love.
Mother's day special,
My first love. mother stories

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so I wrote this one to dedicate it to my first love which is my mother. I am the closest to my mother and she is the only one who supports me whole heartedly though she doesn't understand my behaviour much. she tries to keep up with my behaviour and my mood swings and I love her for that. so this one is for her.

Mother's day special, My first love.

Please make yourself comfortable because I'm taking you through the journey of my first love.

She had an intense pain, her body was shivering from top to bottom, she was taken to the hospital, she was half unconscious, she saw everything blurry and partially,

she saw a doctor and nurse taking her to the OT room on a stretcher, she couldn't resist the pain, she was forced to keep her eyes open, her family was tensed, she had so much pain that she couldn't even get up,

she was kicking and grabbed the cover of stretcher, suddenly her pain decreased, there were tears of happiness and joy, I saw my mother for the first time... My first Love, I cried loud to assure her that I'm alive and here with you now,

when I cried her pain turned into happiness, her tears of pain turned into tears of joy, the family was relieved and very happy, the first time she took me into her hands it was my promise to her

"that you're mine, I may trouble you at young age, I can get mischevious when I grow, I can be a disappointment to you when I start my career, but I'll be successful in your eyes before your death"

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