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ayushmanot this is my pen's villa
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The thoughts that I have at midnight are pretty lame. I almost overthink about everything and even annoy the things that I don't even know.

Dear 3AM

Stop making me overthink the things which no one would ever care about.

Stop torturing me with the thoughts like what should I do if she reacted in a different and strange way and not in the way I've thought of.

Stop making me think what should I tell to my mother when I don't like her attitude and make me prepare a speech which I'm never going to tell her.

Stop making me think that I'm more bad than I think I'm. Stop making me think how bad people are behaving and lose my hopes on humanity.

Stop making me feel like she's interested in me and rekindle my hopes that she can be mine.

Stop making me feel like I'm the worst human on this planet and no one likes me or annoys me.

Stop making me think what if a meteor just strikes earth, what if there's a big earthquake, what if everyone dies and I'm the only one alive, what if everyone had fingers on their fingers,

what if we are just mirror images of another world, what if I never think more than necessary, what if I was not the son of my mother,

what if I was a reincarnation of God and what if I was an alien.

Dear 3AM thoughts please be kind to me and my heart and my brain, let them be at peace and never disrupt the harmony. Please let me sleep and have the sleep I wanted for past few years.

Please stop whining like a stupid nonsensical kid who just want to eat brains of other people.

Please let this human be the better human he wants to be and not drag him to the same shit hole where he has been for years.

You know this man is good and can be better, I know you can be kind to me so please just let the soul in my body rest.

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