Into the Wilderness
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awkwardalien just here for The Gay™
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I'm taking some big steps, and I'm scared

Into the Wilderness

Waking up to the sound of a rooster's crow

And yelling at Smaug to shut up

Only to be woken by an upset cat

Wanting to be fed

I'll miss these early mornings

For tomorrow I'm disappearing

Going into the wilderness

And leaving my home behind

The world may not go my way

But at least some days may be kind

The big kitchen with curry on the stove

The goats and the land they love to roam

The five cedars and the maple too

My worlds falling out from beneath my feet

I'm not really sure just what to do

I'm going into the wilderness

What I know is far away

But I will survive tomorrow

Just like I survived today

Ukulele in my hand

Someday I'll find home again

Until that day comes I'll just sing

And I'll be open, I'll be free

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