I'm really leaving.
I'm really leaving. stories

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I'm really leaving.

by @n-ouies

I found the time lately to waste on introspection

Seems I'm questioning my plans to face more rejection

I'm stuck between what I want and who you need so dearly

I meant dear me,

Why am I never to myself since it seems I've lost it?

You're always alone even when I come by your side

Spare a minute for the hear say but no change for your thoughts?

What about that other guy from pronouns and  blank faces?

I see the time you spent with inertia his face shows clearly

Even with the reflection I never figured that he would be me

Odd that when all I've traded is my values my sincerity still chooses to lay with you

Guess I'm missing a reason for you to need me.

Oh dear, please.

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