VIVIAN: Dragon Wars Series Chapter 2
VIVIAN: Dragon Wars Series Chapter 2 #hotguy#dragons#cabin stories

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Hot Guy alert and he brings mystery with him.

VIVIAN: Dragon Wars Series Chapter 2

Vivian P.O.V In have never been this afraid in my life , I mean ever. I hid in the bathroom for a good 15 minutes before I had the courage to come out. I scanned the inside of the small cabin and I peeked outside through the window, It was silent like nothing happened only the sound of the waterfall and the forest. I thought maybe I overreacted and I was just jumpy because I'm alone in an unfamiliar place , deciding on bravery I collected myself and unpacked my stuff from my bags and put linens in the bed but there was still that uneasy feeling in my gut , I ignored it and blamed it on paranoia. I was never a coward and I wanted to be independent so I was not going to back down, I needed to prove to myself that I can take on the world alone. I was not my mothers little girl anymore , instead I was a strong young woman and it was time to put on my big girl panties. After I finished in the evening I called mom and told her everything but I left out the scary noise coming out of the forest, knowing my mother she would have told me to pack and go back home that very instant. With everything done for the night I decided to eat the sandwich left from my bus journey that I bought at a rest stop on my way here and call it a night. I was rattled from my sleep by a loud knock on my door so I got off the bed and I notice its already morning, I quickly check the time on my phone screen and I was shocked it was already 8:10 am. I slept like a baby . so I rush getting dressed and head for the door. I open the door and I see the most handsome man and immediately I feel nervous, I mean here I was with a straight out of bed look and there he was looking like a God in my front door. The mystery man smiles showing his dimples and the only thing gracing my cheeks is drool stains, to say I was embarrassed is an understatement. He had brown dreadlocks and skin like caramel that dared any woman to take a bite. He had beautiful hazel eyes and I could see that his body was built like a Spartan.  The stranger greeted me he had a very deep voice, it was smooth and rich kind of sexy but I decided to keep my mind innocent and not let it venture into sinful destinations. I gave the most decent greeting I could master back, there was something about him and it frustrated the hell out of me that I could not pinpoint what it was. He felt familiar like I knew him but yet I didn't, I was sure that me and him had never met before like ever. So I decided to introduce myself and he did the same and told me his name was Dominic. Even his name was sexy and I found my mind playing in a incredibly filthy territory, the very place I was working very hard to avoid, Gods I needed to snap out of it very quickly. So I invited him inside and offered him a seat not that I had a lounge or anything it was just a small wooden chair. His face was friendly l could tell he was a friendly guy , not one of those handsome assholes who think the world revolves around them just because they look good. Then he started speaking..... " so Celeste sent me to tell you that there are two spare couches in our garage." I didn't even hear him correctly , I was still ogling him and I'm pretty sure I was drooling. But I quickly collected myself and summoned up my response "Ooh thanks , I'm really grateful I don't know how I could ever repay your.....sorry u Celeste's brother"? I wanted to know who he was to her , I don't know why I felt the urge to know, but what I know is that I needed to. If this is her man then she is one lucky Bitch!!!!!! "No ,I'm her son" he replied To say I was shocked is an understatement, I went silent for a few minutes trying to digest the new information and it was hard to believe. He must have seen the confusion written in my face because he then asked ; "Ohh you don't know your true form yet?" Now the conversation was getting a tinny bit strange , I was riddled with confusion and I was waiting for him to tell me he was kidding ....and he didn't. " let's just say my mom is a tiny bit older than she looks." He said in a casual tone and I could spot a bit of amusement in his eyes , As to why he thought this was amusing is a mystery to me because she looks 25 and her son also looks 25 , this whole picture is impossible in real life .but i decided not to pry any further because God knows I don't want anyone in my business either. Plus its a waist of my time and energy trying to figure out the mysterious lives of Winterbergs residents. I thanked the hot visitor for passing the information and we decided to end the conversation before we dive deeper into weirdville. Dominic said his goodbyes and left then now I was alone in the cabin again, loneliness hit me like a ton of bricks and the universe was reminding me that I'm alone in this tiny wooden abode . My stomach roared and I could feel the hunger pangs and I was stuck on what I should have for breakfast, my mom always knew what to make and everything she did tasted like heaven. And now here l am alone, hungry and with no idea what to eat for breakfast. I decided to grow up and do something by myself for once in my miserable little life. So I ended up walking to town , maybe I'll find a coffee shop and get a cheap breakfast meal and then maybe do some small groceries for the month with what little money I have left. I reached town in 20 minutes and I was dying of hunger, I was regretting my decision to walk to town for breakfast and next time I'll have my breakfast at home because its a long ass walk to take on an empty stomach . I walked by the main road and finally two shops after the gas station was a small coffee shop with a silver dragon logo. The moment I stepped inside the coffee shop all eyes were on me, there were only three customers and one waitress from what I could see, one young man with with shot back curls and very dark eyes and two teenage girls that also have black hair and dark eyes and they were all looking at the new girl that just entered the establishment. The waitress had silver hair and Smokey grey eyes and her complexion was very fair. So I took a table by the window and not to far from the door like I always do in a new environment, I don't know why I always do that but ever since I can remember its always been my instinct. The waitress comes to greet and take my order , she introduces herself as Raven and gives me the breakfast menu. I ordered a plain English breakfast and a coffee with a request of extra bacon and sausage since I'm a big meat lover. I can smell meat a mile away , I never told any one since its weird and to make things worse when I'm hungry enough I become aggressive when the smell hits my nose. The only thought becomes 'MEAT'. Raven came back with my coffee, she seemed to be a nice girl with a pretty smile. Just as she placed down the coffee she spoke; "You look just like him , its amazing how much you took from him and you don't smell foul like a halfbreed" Now I was really confused and I thought Dominic was a freakshow but I have a feeling this chick takes the title. So I just smiled and drank my coffee hoping she would skoot off and only come back to give me my breakfast. She finally left after blatantly observing me abit more, she just stood there and stared at me like a zoo animal. God the people here are spooky they should have called this town Wierdberg!!! Thank you for reading this chapter, please don't be shy to comment I'm open to constructive criticism. Luv u guys alot.

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