Warriors: The Final Prophecy
Warriors: The Final Prophecy warning: mature ideas stories
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“Four cats will hold the power, and light and darkness shall battle...” Warriors: The Final Prophecy (book 4)

By: Erin Hunter

Warriors: The Final Prophecy

by Erin Hunter

Minnowfur padded along to the meeting place. She looked around and her heart dropped. 'He's not here.' She squeezed her eyed shut but still, she felt a huge wave of betrayal crash over her.

"Minnowfur?" She practically leaped with joy when the familiar voice reached her ears. She ran over to him and cried out, "Moonbreeze! I-I have something to tell you...

" He twined his tail with hers and yowled, "Whatever it is, I'm glad you came!" She looked around, frightened. "I know I know.

The reason I haven't come in so many moons is because I'm expecting your kits!" She hissed. Moonbreeze stared at her. He swallowed hard.

"R-really?" Minnowfur rolled her eyes and snarled, "Really!" He winced and suddenly cried, "Wait! What if the kits want a father? What will you tell them?" She took a deep breath.

"Well, you're not going to like this, but there's a tom in my clan, and he kind of loves me. If I let him get me pregnant after these kits are born, then he'll think they're his.

" She looked at Moonbreeze. He narrowed his eyes to slits. "Fine. But you and me are still mates, right?" The pretty She-cat meowed, "Okay. Then our plan is settled.

" With that, she turned and stalked back to RiverClan.


As the silver she-cat led Pebblefoot towards the mating clearing he purred when he realized where they were going. Minnowfur twined her tail with his and then dropped into a crouch.

She moved her black tail aside and motioned for Pebblefoot to mount her. He slid into her, and back out again, faster and harder.

Soon, they both climaxed and Minnowfur bucked her hips, causing him to go deeper. She yowled in pain and collapsed. He carefully pulled out of her tight core and nuzzled her. "No.

We're not done yet." She gasped. She rolled onto her back and he cautiously started licking her hind quarters. She groaned in pleasure, witch turned Pebblefoot on.

"Oh-Oh Pebblefoot!" She yowled. He stuck his tongue into her and her soft walls closed around him he moaned inside of her. She lifted her hips up and he went down.

Both of them lie panting on the ground. He stood overtop of her and she batted at his member. She pawed at him until he was fully erect, and he groaned. "Mmm.

Why'd ya stop?" She jerked upward and started sucking on him. They both climaxed and fell to the ground.

Across the river, in the ThunderClan mating clearing, a young she-cat tried to get a silver cat to mate with her. But the cat is staring sadly at two ThunderClan cats.

"Moonbreeze!" The tom whips around and growls at her. "Just go away!" She stares at him, then pads slowly away. Moonbreeze returns his gaze to the cats. "Pebblefoot." He snarls under his breath.

"Of course the tom that loved Minnowfur had to be a piece of fox-dung!"


The gray tom paced back and forth, wincing at every yowl his mate gives. Finally, Willowshine pokes her head out of the nursery and says, "Congratulations.

You have two sons, and three daughters!" He races past her and looks for his mate. He stared down at his kits and immediately licks their fur backwards to warm them up.

He purrs and nuzzles up next to Minnowfur. She sighs and rested her head on his shoulder. The kits suckled on her belly.

"What should you call them? I want you to name them, but I will name one." She strokes her tail gently on a milky silver tom. "This one," she purrs, "Will be Moonkit." 'After his father...

' she thinks affectionately. Pebblefoot nods and points to a She-kit.

"What about Otterkit for the tortoiseshell one with blue eyes? And the other tom can be Cloudkit for his dark blue eyes and gray tabby fur.

" Her mate goes on and on and they rest on Featherkit, Cloudkit , Otterkit, Moonkit, and Fawnkit.


"Kits!" Minnowfur whispered. They rose sleepily to their feet and trudge after their mother and out of camp. "Where do you think we're going?" Fawnkit asked Moonkit.

He just shrugged, though he was wondering the same thing. When reached their destination, Moonkit saw a handsome silver tom.

Minnowfur twined her tail with his and beckoned the kits forward they pad forward nervously. "Darlings, this is Moonbreeze. Your father." She meowed quietly.

The tiny cats glance at him, wide eyed. Moonbreeze's gave swept over the kits and landed on Moonkit. "He looks just like me," Moonbreeze murmured to Minnowfur.

"Is that where he got his name?" Their mother nodded.

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