Warriors: OC’s!!!
Warriors: OC’s!!! warriors stories

avidflame Hey! I write fanfics, Hope you like them
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ThunderClan OC’s!!! Leave OC’s in the comments, using this: Name, Clan, eye color, pelt, clan rank, mate (if there is one). Thanks!
- Avidflame :)

Warriors: OC’s!!!

OC FORM: Name- Clan- Pelt- Eyes- Mate?- Kits?- USE THIS TO ADD OC’s IN THE COMMENT SECTION!

Hey, guys! So, in this "story" I will be adding a ton of warrior cat OC's. ENJOY! :D


Leader: Dapplestar.....Cedarstar.....Lillystar

Deputy: Featherheart.....Talonfoot.....Ravenwing

Medicine cat: Clearfall.....Nettlefur

Warriors: Mistclaw.....Dawnheart.....Amberleg.....Swifttail.....Leaftail.....Meadowfur.....Basketpool.....Foxfoot.....Shallowtail.....Brookheart.....Icefeather.....Hailface.....Rainfall

Queens: Heathertail- Expecting Basketpool's kits

Froststorm- Mother of Mousekit and Stripekit

Apprentices: Nectarpaw.....Thistlepaw.....Bumblepaw

Descriptions (sorry, I forgot these...): Dapplestar- Pale tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Cedarstar- sand colored tom with hazel and green eyes

Lillystar- blue-gray she-cat with amber eyes

Featherheart- silver she-cat with blue-green eyes

Talonfoot- brown tabby tom with green eyes

Ravenwing- black she-cat with hazel eyes

Clearfall- white tabby she-cat with scorching blue eyes

Nettlefur- pale tabby tom with blue eyes

Mistyclaw- gray she-cat with blue eyes

Dawnheart- pale peach colored she-cat with violet eyes

Amberleg- black tom with amber colored eyes

Swifttail- black tabby with green eyes; originally from WindClan

Leaftail- Pale brown tabby with leaf-green eyes

Meadowfur- brown tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes

Basketpool- gray tom with amber eyes

Foxfoot- russet colored tom with blue-green eyes

Shallowtail- silver tabby with green eyes

Brookheart- misty gray tabby with blue- violet eyes

Icefeather- white tabby she-cat with fierce blue eyes

Hailface- gray tom with very pale blue eyes and a white tail tip

Rainfall- gray dappled she-cat with amber eyes and dark green specks

Heathertail- pale gray queen with white chest, eyes the color of blue heather

Froststorm- very pale white-ish silver tabby with dark blue eyes

Mousekit- fluffy gray tom with large, innocent amber eyes

Stripekit- Golden She-cat with a darker gold stripe down her back

Nectarpaw- ginger tom with icy blue eyes

Thistlepaw- black tom with spiky fur and amber eyes

Bumblepaw- large sand colored tom with beautiful green eyes

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