Warriors: Dakotas Rise BOOK 2
Warriors: Dakotas Rise     BOOK 2 warriors stories

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A/N: ACK it feels like my stories are getting shorter! I have a bad case of writers block... Oh well! DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN WARRIORS! :)

By: Erin Hunter and Avidflame

Warriors: Dakotas Rise BOOK 2

by Erin Hunter and Avidflame

The orange tabby tom stepped in front of Dakota, only to be shoved away by the larger gray tom in front of him. Dakota growled at him as he lifted her chin with a claw.

"Lay a claw on her and I will tear you apart!" Morris yowled at him. Dakotas head shot in his direction, a stunned look on her face. "Blackbriar. Leave us." Wolfstar commanded.

The She-cat warily dipped her head and trudged out of the den. Morris stalked up to the gray and white tom. Wolfstar raised an eyebrow and laughed mockingly at him.

"Ha! You think you can stop me from looking at my nephews daughter?" He growled. With a furious screech, Morris leaped at the big tom.

He clawed blindly at the air around him, feeling satisfaction as he tore into soft flesh. The two rolled around in an angry heap of fur and claws.

Much to Dakotas dismay, Wolfstar had Morris pinned down on the ground, about to sink his teeth into the tabby's throat. "Wait!" Dakota shrieked.

"Please! Don't hurt him!" Wolfstar glared at the small orange tom for a moment, before climbing off of him.

Matilda had shrunken into the corner of the den, and she cleared her throat hoarsely as she collapsed onto the ground. "Mother? Mother!" Dakota screeched. She turned furiously towards Wolfstar.

"Get help, you fox-hearted moron!" He raised his eyebrows at her ferocity, but yowled, "Fawnberry! Come here quickly!

" A heartbeat later a small cream colored tabby with blue eyes raced into the den. She saw Matilda and hurried over to the queen. "She's kitting. Don't worry." Still, Dakota trembled with fear.

Morris pressed against her comfortingly and murmured gently, "She'll be alright. Don't worry, about... anything." He embraced her and she stepped away awkwardly.

He swallowed hard and she shook out her fur. The two cats shuddered at the same time, and Morris looked down at his paws, embarrassed. "She's done," Fawnberry announced.

"Two she-kits And one tom." Dakota raced forward and bombarded her mother with questions. "Hold on. I think I'll name the ginger she-kit Ember... and the tom can be Coal.

What about Heather for the last one? Dakota?" The young She-cat purred happily. "Those are beautiful names for beautiful kits." Matilda sleepily flicked her tail.

The tabby queen soon fell asleep. "Emberkit, Coalkit, and Heatherkit, are wonderful names." Wolfstar suddenly meowed. Dakota rounded on him.

"I hope you know we're leaving as soon as Matilda wakes up." She snarled. "Actually, no. Your mother has agreed that you will stay here, in RiverClan." He rumbled. "But you will need new names.

" He murmured. Morris and Dakota gave each other longing glanced. He firmly said what they both wanted. "I want to go home." Wolfstar shook his head and left the den.

Dakota collapsed with furious, shaken breaths. Morris curled around her tightly, and this time, she let him.

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