Drunk in Pain
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My thoughts at 3am

Drunk in Pain

Lights get blurred down, Toned down to nothing but round specks of luminosity, Extinguished from the tears of the skies itself, My sight too gets blurred, But I want to ignore what it was blurring my eyes, Tears from the skies or my own, I couldn’t care less, I have let the rain down on me so that my own tears can’t be seen, And call me out of my mind, But it gave me comfort.

I haven’t been loving myself, I see that now, Because of the love that I could not give myself, I tried to seek it off from you, I realise now that this wasn’t the way, I closed my eyes, My head towards the pouring rain, “ Let’s just dance to this “ I told myself.

So I danced, Hoping that the rain would wash away the excruciating pain I feel in my chest, Hoping that my smile could make me be in a state of oblivion, Hoping that I can dance the blue within me into something more vibrant, Perhaps purple would be nice.

Because in this moment I no longer want to think of you, I want to think of anything and everything of myself, I want to feel the sound of the rain creating music, Feel the rain dancing with me, With its entire soul humming in synch with mine, Like it never did with you.

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