Chapter 1: The Room Where It Happened
Chapter 1: The Room Where It Happened loki stories
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Chapter 1: The Room Where It Happened

A/N: Okay, two things about this story. 1. This is a collab between me (variant 177) and variant 1221. This variant and I agreed to remain anonymous for fun hehe >:) 2. This story takes place after Loki Season 1, so I'd watch Loki before you read this if I were you...

"Don't you remember me? The God of Mischief?" Loki said "Calm down. We're all confused right now," Mobius said. "Mobius, you seriously don't remember," Loki asked "Remember what?" Mobius looked confused. "I'm your Loki. None of this is ringing your bell?" Mobius whips out his tempad, "Someone please come get this analyst"

"Why don't you remember ?" Loki looks around and sees that the statues by the elevator was of the real timekeeper and not the robots. "great just great!" Someone comes and puts Loki in one of those time theaters with a couple other analysts. These other analysts are just as confused as Loki?

"what do you know?" a tall analyst asked loki when he got sent to one of those theaters. "I shouldn't be here! I don't belong in this timeline!" Loki said. "You too?" asked an analyst sitting in the corner in a small voice. "Wait, are you all from different timelines?" All but one nodded.

"So all of you were betrayed Sylvie?" Loki asked "umm who's that?" An analyst said standing up. "Oh so your not versions of me." Loki said "ha no." An analyst said with a deep voice. "One minute I was in the court room and the next minute I was here" an analyst who was walking around the room said.

"I was on Earth a minute ago. I don't even know where the heck I am!" said another analyst, who looked like they were freaking out. "Well I'm Loki," "Harper," the one in the corner said. "Dorgan," the one freaking out said.

"Well Harper and Dorgan do you know how to get out of here?!" Loki asks "I need to get back to Sylvie!" "If we knew how to get out of here we wouldn't be here." Harper said. "we're basically trapped here forever now." Dorgan said. "You two are no help" loki said as he tired opening the doors.

"Do something useful and help me find something to help get us out!" Loki told Dorgan and Harper as he started searching. "So what's your story?" Harper asked loki as they looked for the key. "Why should I tell you!? For all, I know you could be lying and a part of the space lizard cult" Loki tells Harper.

"Well, I was just apart to be pruned until I got stuck here. I didn't even deserve to be pruned. All I did was call my parents. Apparently, I'm supposed to hate my family." "That's bad and all but I'm sure loki has it worst. Look at him! He looks exhausted and has a million cuts! And calling your parents is a simple thing!" Dorgan said.

"Well first off you don't know loki's story and second you shouldn't be talking! Your nexus event was deciding to read Harry Potter instead of Percy Jackson." Harper says to Drogan. "He's right. I do have it worst! I stole the tesseract and the TVA didn't like that so they sent me to get prune but Mobious saved me and we hunted down a female version of me name sylvie. Then she betrayed me!" Loki says.

"Aha! I found the key!" The analyst with the deep voice said. "What!?" Loki shouts. "Darrell for the win!" Darrell said as he unlocked the door. All the analysts start running to the door but Darrell closes it and locks it. "Next time I see you Darrell, I'll kill you!" Harper screamed as she tried to open the door.

"Now we're going to be trapped forever!" Dorgan said starting to freak out. "Everything will be fine! Everything is fine! It's okay. It's okay! We're not going to die!" The analyst who was previously walking around the room said, trying to convince themself that they would be fine.

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