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avatruckey Community member
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I don't write love songs

The Special

I don't write love songs

Maybe stories that stick to your ribs

Poems that make your nose burn

Your eyes water

But I don't write love songs

It's not that I am loveless

I tuck into love


The way you might cut into Today's Special

But I don't write love songs

They taste saccharine

And leave emptiness behind

I don't relate to love and magic

They way I relate to

The magic of growing

Love does live here

But I don't write love songs

I've met The Love Of Mother's

And I have fallen

Into and out of

The Love Of A Partner

Their arms

Their beds

Their reach

I find love

In cups of coffee he leaves

And notes from therapy sessions

Love is seen in change

In commitment to evolution

Love holds my hand

And picks up our daughter

I just don't write love songs

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