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what happened.

characters.. lily margaret julia me

margaret was my best friend. lily is her girlfriend.

everything was fine except for the fact that lily was all that she cared about. lily and julia.

julia is her ex girlfriend who she can’t get OVER. there was a bad breakup but everything is fine.

but margaret can’t get over the breakup that happened about a YEAR ago.

she’s lost 3 friends to julia because of her own drama and constant complaining.

and she can do no wrong and she’s always the VICTIM.

so one day, i was at my cousins graduation. she texts me and says “hey can we talk?” and i said “sorry i can’t right now.”

so later that night we are talking and she basically says that she doesn’t want me to be friends with julia because she isn’t comfortable with it.

obviously i was really mad but i kept my cool. i told her that i don’t appreciate her doing this.

i told her that if she can’t handle me being friends with julia then thats her problem.

she then makes it out as if she is the one who is being attacked.

she plays nice and tells you that you are doing something wrong.

she will come up with anything. something as simple as being friends with someone who she doesn’t want you to be friends with.

well that’s all. except she’s lost more people to julia. she still can’t figure out why.

i really did think that she was smarter than this. welp i guess not.

thanks for sticking around till now. there’s the explanation for all my subtweets 😅. btw all the characters are not actually called what i called them in the story.

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