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the victim

she needs the attention

she needs the drama

she can’t live without all eyes on her

when all is calm,

she creates a villain.

the seas get choppy.

and small waves turn to giant ones.

and where those who have been manipulated thought would be safe.

where they would’ve found refuge.

turns out to be the source of the chaos.

people jump into the water.

and they swim.

until they cannot see what was there before.

and there is nobody there to help them.

nobody’s arm to hold onto.

only the intimidation of what lies beneath their feet.

the unknown.

but she turns it around.

and suddenly it’s all your fault.

she’s the victim.

for whatever you did. and you didn’t even know.

one day everything’s fine.

and the next it’s all


f a

f a l

f a l l

f a l l i

f a l l i n

f a l l i n g

f a l l i n g a

f a l l i n g a p

f a l l i n g a p a

f a l l i n g a p a r

f a l l i n g a p a r t

but don’t fall for it.

don’t suffer like i did.

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