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avaguerrero rest easy, daisy. (5/3/17) 🧡
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looking forward to it

just a list

a list of things that i’m excited about. try this out with a tag #looking forward to it#

because positivity is fun.

here goes:

-new star wars (whenever that comes out) -seeing solo with my friends -incredibles 2 -late summer nights

-playing field hockey in high school -getting a new laptop -going to a good college

-getting a new dog and naming it chonk (there’s a whole backstory comment if you wanna hear it)

-going to high school parties -getting a car -seeing taylor swift in concert (one day)

-going to california -going golfing -getting married (hopefully) -having a family

-baking. like, a lot of baking -getting my dream job -having sleepovers with my friends where we all end up crying and talking about feelings

it’s kind of late and i want to sleep haha. let me know if you want a part 2!!

don’t forget to make your own with the tag #looking forward to it#

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