VINDICATION (Feeding your Demons Series) P.R. Wolf Ch. 25 A Future
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Ch. 25 Life after taming the Demons.

VINDICATION (Feeding your Demons Series) P.R. Wolf Ch. 25 A Future

Commanding Officer Major Wendall Bergman avowed his innocence. Throughout questioning he maintained the enemy, each of his four victims, including his fifth failed attempt, had openly declared hostile intent.

He maintained he acted under the Rules of War, in the best interests of God and Country. To protect and defend. A soldier who kills an enemy under the Rules of War is not a murderer.

CO Major Wendall Bergman was diagnosed with military related traumatic brain injury, CTE. A progressive degenerative disease of the brain, chronic traumatic encephalopathy is due to repetitive brain trauma.

Symptoms include memory loss, confusion, impaired judgment, impulse control problems, aggression, depression, anxiety and progressive dementia. Commanding Officer Major Wendall Bergman was sentenced to spend his

remaining years in a military hospital for the criminally insane. Captain Char King was offered a job with Canadian Commando Security doing bodyguard and apprehension duties.

You’ll be happy to know I declined the position. I’ve had enough of Protect and Defend. Instead I attended at the Olds College in Alberta and obtained my farrier license. There really wasn’t that much demand for someone with the skills to shoe horses other than in the country.

With lots of help from family, friends and Allen I repurposed the family farm as a Rescue Center for abandoned horses. Working with Horse Rescue Canada we rescued one hundred seventy horses from the slaughter house by our second year in operation.

We pair pair our horses with military related PTSD vocational training programs. My husband Allen and I have a six-year-old son and a four-year-old daughter. Both are enthusiastic assistants.

Hunter, our son, is already adept at describing all things mechanical, and tells anyone who will listen that our ranch truck is a heavy duty Ford with a blah-blah something or another for an engine, a double cab blah blah, with eight gazillion horses under the hood and yada, yada, yada. His uncles adore him.

Amanda, our daughter, is already picking tunes on the guitar. Apple of her daddy’s eye, sounds familiar. Deputy Sheriff Jake Dupuis and his family, along with other members of his team, visit on a regular basis.

My story has gained notoriety within their ranks. The Stud maintains that he always knew I was something extra special. Not likely, but I decided to let him keep his illusions.

Allen continues to tour with his Band. He gets along well with his in-laws and has regular intense guitar picking contests with his father-in-law, Eric. Dad still refers to him as an ‘arrogant young pup’.

Al’s classic ’69 Thunderbird Landau is maintained in mint condition and used for family touring holidays. The thrill ride from Hell has never been forgotten and Eric is allowed as a passenger only. I doubt he will earn driving privileges in this lifetime.

Army Ranger Ron King opened up his own division of Canadian Commando Security on Vancouver Island. He has a new wife, Alicia, and baby boy, Warren. He continues his hobby of designing and building new autos. He feels the future

of the automotive industry is with solar power using photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into energy. With his brothers he attends as many classic and futuristic car shows as possible.

The Demons recoiled, grudgingly relinquishing power. Reality shifting. Temporary unconsciousness. THE END

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