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Champion of the Prom P.R. Wolf

He's a winner, has kept in shape, Collected his self-proclaimed blue ribbon, Partaken in hand-to-hand combat with all opponents,

Tested himself in all field sports, the diving board, Plays terrific badminton. He asks: "What is the specificity, if not the totality of your ignorance?"

And views all those runners-up to any offices with back-handed indifference. He makes putty of philosopical toys like racisim and hunger,

Sharing tumbles on the Victory mat? Not to be tolerated. Lo! He lofts his vacuous puff balls and such dissidents Who cannot bend are quickly eliminated.

His famous of all time athletics deals with Elbow bends and back flips, Which he perfects during his four year reign,

We all watch in awe as this Olympic gold medalist performs his many miracles, Admire his vast calm while accepting his hard won Title,

Knowing he is our Salvation, The Great Defender gifting us with his Olympian presence, Champion of the Prom!

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