Tale of Unsaid Thoughts
Tale of Unsaid Thoughts

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authordruwrites Eccedentesiast
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This is a project of mine in English. Idk if you call this a poetry tho. (Don't mind the pictures tho. Listen to 'Only told the moon' by Camila Cabello for more feelings)

Tale of Unsaid Thoughts

Clock's ticking.

Wind's whispering.

Bird's chattering.

And there she is... alone... isolated.

Different thoughts are screaming inside her head.

Thoughts she wished she had said.

Thoughts she wished she wrote in a parchment paper.

Thoughts she wished she wished she told to someone.

It is deafening... It is fatal... and she has nothing to do but to listen to it.

She wished she tried something to stop it... but no, she never did.

Different emotions filling the empty cup.

Regrets, crestfallen, and fake smiles...

People thought she's a barracuda.

People thought she doesn't know the murmuring of different cliques about her.

People thought she's a deaf... a statue.

People thought she's fine. They thought she could handle everything.

But yet again... They're wrong... they're always wrong.

She's broken on the inside.


She needs someone, but that someone slipped away like a thin paper.

A paper who drifted away along with the wind.

To cope her sadness, she cries every night.

Looking at the moon and telling her everything;

Her thoughts. Her feelings.

Different questions she's asking;

Why is this happening? What has she done?

Why is it always her? The people she loved and trusted; Why didn't they stayed? Isn't she good enough?

And there she is... sitting in her room quietly, as she looks at the moon as it shines so brightly.

And like every day, she's there...

Alone and isolated.

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