Skywatch chapter 1 part 2
Skywatch chapter 1 part 2 skywatch stories

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Cinderfall and I walked to school, which meant walking in a straight line. I lived in a small little village called Gentlefalls, after the young girl who founded it, back after the fall of the Mecha kingdoms.

Skywatch chapter 1 part 2

Cinderfall and I walked to school, which meant walking in a straight line.

I lived in a small little village called Gentlefalls, after the young girl who founded it, back after the fall of the Mecha kingdoms.

Mecha kingdoms were big, large cities with high-tech walls with rotating gears and high smokestacks. That was about 100 years ago. At least, the fall was.

It's a long history lesson, but I loved history and the finding of Vesporia and its mythical creatures. I love just telling Cinderfall about what new facts I had found.

"Hey Cinderfall." I looked at her, her ponytail swinging back and forth.

"Yes Skywatcher?" She turned towards me, her eyes burning (like almost literally. She wasn't at that stage yet, but excite her too much and she'll burst into flames).

"So yesterday I learned some new stuff about the Mecha kingdoms," I continued casually. "And I didn't know if you wanted to learn about it...

" I trailed off, knowing she'd shout 'YES!' but she didn't.

"I don't know Skywatcher..." She sighed.

"What is Cinderfall?" I asked, getting worried.

"It's just... well I don't mean to offend you, but you always drag on, and I don't want to learn anymore about this topic."

I did feel offended. "This isn't Cinderfall talking right? She's been taken away from me. Replaced by whoever you are." I grumbled, a mean tone creeping into the edges of my speech.

"I'm kidding. Tell me."

Oh. "Yeah, yeah. But it's not like you to crack jokes like that." I told her, shaking my head, my feet falling into the same place I had a hundred times before.

Suddenly as my foot hit the ground and I tripped, a voice screamed in my head. HELP! As I fell, my head hitting the ground.

When I opened my eyes again, I stood in a windowless room made of what seemed to be metal. A huge gear jutted out from the wall, rusty and old.

The only light in this room were candles, arranged in a heart with a large circle around it. I stood in the middle, my body unable to move.

"Well, hello there Gloria." A raspy voice, radiating evil and darkness uttered from the corner of the room. It sent shivers down my back. I'm not Gloria.

I tried to say, but my mouth wouldn't move.

"What are you doing Father?" I asked. Or I mean, Gloria asked. I don't know.

"Oh, you'll see." Father, no, the odd man. The man walked out of the dark, his nose crooked and broken looking.

He wore a long robe with odd symbols on it, but my brain seemed to recognise them immediately. They ran down his sleeves.

They read, Let the dark nights lead, let the light behind Fallcrest. Fallcrest was the first Mecha kingdom... and I think this man was Frostquaker, the insane advisor to the princess.

But he had no kids... if he did I would know. Actually, that's not true. He could have any amount of kids and unless it was common knowledge, I wouldn't know.

"Tell me now Father."

"You'll see. Advanturas!" He cried, and with that, an odd, creeping feeling ran up me. And then, a lurch, like my intestines were kicking into high gear.

And then, it was like something was ripping and tearing at my stomach. I tried to scream but my body was locked in place. There was nothing I could do about it. Nothing.

Nothing I could do as large, feathered blue wings unfolded from my back.

Nothing as Gloria's honey blonde hair, which had been tucked neatly into a hairstyle worthy of a princess grew long and purple.

A tiara hit up against the floor before I moved to pick it up, scales encrusting the edges of my face.

It turned from gold with emeralds encrusted in them to bright red, and erupted into blue flame. I placed it on my head and coursited to my father. Or Gloria's father, I mean.

It was just, in that moment, that rush of pain and anguish and sadness and regret that left you frozen to the spot you stand, joined us together like the spine of a book.

I now longer felt like a forgin intruder in Gloria's body, I felt like I was Gloria. Like this was meant to be.

"Your new name should be Bloodmoon, darling Vesquita." Frostquaker hissed. Vesquita? It can't be...

he turned her into a Vesquita! The thought appalled me, as she went from being a normal girl to a legendary creature.

But judging by her looks, the way the wings had pointed feathers, and the hardness of the scales told me she was not quite human, not quite Vesquita, not quite demon.

She was one of the Corrupted. Creatures that sought only war and thrived on the suffering of others. But I felt like I was not meant to do evil, but rather great good.

With my voice and my flame, my heart and my soul, my head and my arms, I promise, I will do good. A voice in me rang. As the words echoed, it felt right.

Like it was something that was supposed to happen. Perfect. It felt perfect.

"Thank you Frostquaker for this new beginning." And suddenly the world warped around me. And then I opened my eyes to the dim light of the Elder's tent.

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