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𝔽𝕠𝕣 ℍ𝕦𝕞𝕒𝕟𝕚𝕥𝕚𝕖𝕤 𝕊𝕒𝕜𝕖 aot stories

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You had to run.
You were more of a threat to humanity than the titans themselves.

𝔽𝕠𝕣 ℍ𝕦𝕞𝕒𝕟𝕚𝕥𝕚𝕖𝕤 𝕊𝕒𝕜𝕖

The sound of his horses feet as it clip-clopped along the cobblestones always comforted Levi.

Every time he was in town, he'd only have to focus on the repetitive beat and his anxieties would fade.

Never one to enjoy being in the open around people he didn't know, Levi's years in the underground had taught him to keep one eye open, and trust very few.

When not asleep, his other eye was on the constant look out for the distinct colour of your hair.

Each new town he passed through brought countless more opportunities, but his searches would always come up dry.

Never one to drink much more than tea, he was feeling particularly indulgent this summer day and stopped at a quaint looking tavern.

As he tied up his horse, the side door opened and out you walked.

He only caught the back of you as you turned the corner of the stone lined back alley, but your figure was undeniable - forever etched into his brain.

His life in the Scouts had been filled with loss. Farlan and Isabel had been the only true confidantes he had since his mother, and they were ripped from him in an instance.

Everyone was at an arms length from that point on, save Erwin and another scrappy young soldier who'd been dragged in from the snow.

He'd suffered too much. Lost too many, and you had some serious answering to do.

His boots scuffed lightly as he followed you, soon turning the corner to find you leaning against the back wall of the tavern in a dimly lit dead-end street. You look up, freezing instantly.

You wanted to run, but not from fear of being hurt, but from fear of knowing all along you were only just his 'sister'.

Levi had always seen a lot of himself in you. You were smart, untrusting, great with a knife.

Forced into the military as a teen for escaping the orphanage one too many times, at first it seemed like a perfect fit. You excelled, your wiley ways making you the perfect silent assassin.

But when your first Squad leader died whilst out on a mission, your abandonment issues came flooding back and you were gone the minute night fell.

Four months it took them to find you, running with a crew of petty thugs.

The first time you laid eyes on Levi, you could tell he knew your pain.

You had clung to him as though he was your life force, but Erwin knew it was because you understood each other in ways he never could.

You loved Levi, with your entire being, but the feeling was never reciprocated.

Never the slightest inkling that he shared your bond till one day when his focus on you nearly lost the entire regiment their lives. You told him to leave you.

One life was worth nothing in the whole scheme of things. But stubborn as a well trained and highly skilled ox, he didn't listen.

That night in Erwin's office, you knew you'd be able to finally escape for real. Run away from your life once more and not be hunted down. The two of you knew it was the best for humanity.

It's strongest soldier could have no distractions. So with a promise to the Commander that you'd stay out of trouble, you were gone.

"Where the hell have you been, (Y/N)?" His assertive voice demanded, but even after all this time you didn't feel like playing along.

And what would replying do anyway? You couldn't take on any more pain.

"I've got to go, Levi, they'll need me back at work soon," you sighed - pushing off the wall and heading back to the corner.

But you didn't get very far, a forceful arm straightened before you, blocking your way.

"You don't get to just walk away again," his deep voice reverberated through your chest, hammering another nail in with each word. "You..." his tone softened, "...you didn't even say goodbye."

What did he expect you to say? Tell him you loved him but you still had to go for the greater good?

Fuck that, simply vanishing without a trace was easier than having rejection thrown into the mix.

Taking a step back, you uttered a faint, "I'm sorry." Still not able to look him in the eye, you attempted to walk around him, but the built up tension coursing within him was too much to bear.

His strong forearm was brought to your collarbone - pushing you back against the wall, his lips crashing against yours in an instant. You didn't kiss back, you couldn't.

You were in too much shock. This wasn't the Levi Ackerman you knew, stoic and in total control of his actions. This was a stranger acting on impulses you couldn't wrap your head around.

"What are you doing?" You gasped, pushing his face away from yours. But his body wouldn't budge. You'd never been able to match his strength.

There was no answer, driving home that this really was the man you had once loved...

Still loved...

His lips next connected with the supple skin of your neck - his teeth sinking in a little too deep for your liking.

"Get off me, Levi. Why are you doing this?" Your eyes pleaded with him - irises quivering along with your voice. Removing his arm from you - though not stepping back - he met you eye to eye.

You could slip past him now if you wanted to, but now you were the one who needed answers.

"How could you just leave me like that?" There it was. The first vulnerability Levi had ever shown to you. "I...I know why you had to leave, but...you broke my heart (Y/N)."

"I broke your heart," you scoffed. "Have you any idea how it feels to love someone from afar knowing they'll never love you back!"

The tired grey eyes you still saw every night when you closed your own, widened farther than you'd ever thought possible.

Returning to their normal state a split second later, they raked over your body.

The traditional trachten dress you wore hugged your waist better than the Scouts uniform ever did, and you oozed femininity.

Not breaking his gaze from yours, he reached down and gathered the front of the voluminous skirt in his hands before grabbing your waist underneath it.

You knew what was going to happen and were powerless to stop it...even if you'd wanted to.

Before Levi could do anything else, you unclamped the harness from his belt and undid his pants. Then, with his hands still gripping your waist, he lifted you up.

Your legs wrapping around his waist on instinct. Leaning you against the wall, he initiated your second kiss, to which you readily complied with.

His lips were cracked and dry, but the feeling was lusciously juxtaposed against the freshly shaven smoothness of his jaw.

As one of your hands trailed up his undercut, you felt him reach a hand between you.

The ample fabric of your dress and the strength of the buckles on his harnesses were making things difficult, but determination would win every time.

You knew this wasn't a good idea, for reasons too many to list, but your head and your heart had never been friends. Desire kicking logic in the balls every time.

Withdrawing his lips, Levi rested his head against your shoulder as you felt an intense stretch.

You'd only ever dreamt what his manhood was like, and it was blowing all your expectations out of the water and he wasn't even all the way in.

No longer needing to guide himself, his hand found its way to your ass - lowering you down the rest of his length. It took all your self control not to cry out in pleasure at how good it was.

How utterly complete you suddenly felt being fully connected with your soul mate.

It had been years since Levi had indulged in matters of the flesh, and what was perceived by you to be him chivalrously allowing you to adjust,

was in reality him fighting against releasing in you right away. It felt amazing how you sheathed him so perfectly.

His hand could never do justice to the warm embrace your walls had on his shaft.

You had not been touched in as long as you could remember either - the mere feeling of his filling you so absolutely had you convulsing around him,

begging with your cunt for him to just fuck you already. And that's exactly what he did.

Having positioned you to perfection, he could now draw his hips backwards with the precise trajectory to pound relentlessly against your cervix.

Head back in the game - eyes on the prize - he no longer risked blowing his load too soon. He had to make this one count - because that's all it would ever be.

You both intrinsically knew that after your run it you'd have to flee once more. For if you were to linger, he'd be forced to return to your embrace. And humanities future was at steak.

This could have been nicer. You had always craved to touch his naked body. To have the time to appreciate each other.

But there was something so hedonistic about the carnality as his pleasure betrayed him. Small grunts escaping him each and every time he rutted up into you.

Your head shook with each of his thrusts. The tightness of your corset was making it hard to breath, but small squeaks of delight were still managing to break through.

No longer kissing, your eyes spoke volumes to each other. Telling of what life could have been but for those damned walls and the monsters beyond. He'd have made a great husband and father.

Not for how he'd dote on you with kindness, but for how he'd fight for you till the end.

Unable to hear the story of 'what if' any longer, you wrapped your arms around his neck and silently wept.

Levi in return, burying his forehead into the crook of your neck as his movements began to beat out of time.

One more deep groan came from him before you noticed his right hand surrender it's hold on your thigh.

"Please don't, Levi," you begged. Your own hand darting to stop him from removing himself from you. "I want you in me."

This life may have been a cruel one. They say everything happens for a reason, and if that was the case, fate was one cruel bitch.

But surely, after everything you'd sacrificed, she could gift you this one blessing.

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