True Love ~Seth Clearwater Love Story~
True Love ~Seth Clearwater Love Story~ seth stories

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Stella's pack was destroyed by vampires and she was forced to escape and find a pack in Washington, she expected to make pack mates but was surprised to find her Imprint as well. ♥

True Love ~Seth Clearwater Love Story~

Ch 1

I leaned my head back into my seat,

and sighed and smiled finally after months and months of restless nights I could finally relax after all I was able to find clues and now I know where they are.


Well I think I know where they are….

Let me start from the beginning my name is Stella Roselle, I am your typical 16-year-old girl except not that typical after all I’m a shifter, no I can’t shift into any animal or person I want,

I’m not Beast boy or Mystique but I can shift into a wolf,

now that that is out of the way you might be wondering why is a young female shifter doing alone (with the nice driver lady) in a taxi going who knows where,

well the answer is simple my pack was raided and destroyed by the cold ones commonly known as vampires,

after that my dad told me to escape and go to Washington that there is a pack that will welcome me, he also gave me his debit card and here I am now, well that’s the gist of it.

You must be wondering how I can be so calm, the thing is I’m not, I’m really broken but I had months to grieve and be depressed,

I didn’t start looking and researching for the pack till 3 months ago…. Yeah I’ve been on my own for 6 months, so i guess i'm a rogue...

Man it would have been so much faster if my dad would have told me what part of Washington instead of leaving me to figure it out and wow I must be going crazy since I’m talking to myself.

I sighed again.

“That must be the tenth time you’ve sighted sweetheart, it’s such a waste to frown when you have such a beautiful smile.

” The driver told me, she is an older lady with brown hair and kind eyes, she is such a nice lady and has such a positive outlook of life,

I remember having a similar outlook of life before the tragedy happened.

“I have no idea why such a young pretty girl like yourself is going to a town on your own but I believe you should think of this as a new beginning,

a new chapter in your life and enjoy every second of it.” the wise lady told me with her kind eyes looking at me.

Huh new beginning, new chapter in my life….

I hadn’t thought of it like that I’ve either been too busy grieving or looking for the pack that I hadn’t thought of the idea that I’m going to be starting anew and I can’t help but feel

a sense of excitement and a tinge of nervousness and without realizing it a small but warm smile appear on my face as I thought of my new life.

I saw the lady smile gently at me “So tell me sweetheart, do you know where you will be living?”


My eyes widened and my face paled, shit I hadn’t though that far ahead I was just happy to have found a clue to where they had been I totally forgot about my staying.

“I can see from the look in your face you don’t have a house, right?” The lady told me with a sad look.

“Uh I hadn’t even though of where I will be resting…” I told the lady with shame and embarrassment.

“Oh honey….” I was too embarrassed to even look at her so I simply shrugged “um its fine ma am I’m sure I can find a hotel nearby.”

“I’m afraid that’s the problem dear.” she continues.

“What do you mean?” I said afraid of her answer.

“La Push doesn’t have any hotels.”


I stood still, frozen from the information she just told me, ironic since I can’t feel the cold and since I’m literally a heater.

What the hell can I do?? Live in the streets? On the beach? Well I heard they have a very beautiful beach and a huge waterf- and I’m getting side tracked shoot what to do….

Go to the police…? No I can’t they are going to ask for my parents and does La Push even have a police?

From what I’ve researched it’s a tribe town where the elders are- and I’m getting side tracked again I really need to stop doing that, maybe I could but before I could torment myself more,

the nice lady got me out of my turmoil by saying “Don’t worry hon I have a friend that can help you out, I’ll take you to him.”

This lady is an angel sent to me by the stars I couldn’t have been luckier, thank god I’m old fashioned and choose to take a taxi instead of an Uber like most do nowadays.

“Thank you so much Ma am I don’t know how to ever repay you.” I said thankfully

“Just seeing that perfect smile is enough for me dear.” She tells me smiling gently at me.

Wow glad to see people like her still exist most people wouldn’t give a-

“And a good tip would also be nice.”

And I’m back to reality

I give her a smile but I’m sure it came out as an awkward smile I could mentally see myself having an anime sweat drop.

The astute lady chuckled “Oh I’m just playing dear, helping a young person find their way in life is reward enough.”

Ok it’s not astute lady anymore now its poetic wise lady…. I really need to stop giving people names.

“I appreciate the help Ma am.” I tell her politely. What? Just because I give people names in my head and I’m weird doesn’t mean I’m not polite, I was taught manners too.

“Oh please no, Ma am just makes me feel old just call me Karen” She said with a smile.

“Ok Karen, I am Stella Roselle”

“Well nice to meet you Stella”

“Pleasure to meet you Karen”

And great pleasure it was as I could feel the tension leaving my shoulders and I rested my head in my seat and not a minute later I fell into a peaceful slumber.


This story takes time after breaking dawn so Seth is 16.

Kudos for all who know who Beast boy and Mystique are ;D

Hope you like it

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