It was white
It was white  love stories

aurorak I'm just as cliche as any teenager
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Till death do us part?

It was white

White as a hem of a wedding dress. (she never got to show hers to the world)

Snow. It had set to the ground, taken trees and houses under it. Just like bride takes her new husband under her dress.

And that white house at the end of the street. How she loved it. (she never got to live in a house like that)

Red. Blood of an old lover. Shit, I messed up the dress.

Tripped all over white ground. You could probably see it miles away.

Man. He was looking at the red eye staring at him. "Why?"it bled but the man just watched.

He squeezed the knife as thigh as he had once squeezed her hand, as he promised her everything.

It was all gone now. Swiped off like dust from an old photo you haven't looked at in years.

Well, the dress was a drag anyway.

And the silly boy never did well with promises.

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