Everything You Missed at SXSW's VR/AR Track
Everything You Missed at SXSW's VR/AR Track stories

AugmenteDevAugmented Reality at its finest.
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Innovative tech surely wore its glitz and glamour in Texas this week. Here’s the highlights from the VR/AR world at SXSW 2016.

Everything You Missed at SXSW's VR/AR Track

by Augment

McDonald’s shows us virtual reality for advertising

The McDonald’s Loft joined hands with the HTC Vive for the pop-up that turned the room into the inside of a McDonald’s Happy Meal allowing you to freely paint the interior through VR.

Samsung Gear VR Lounge at SXSW

The Samsung Gear VR Lounge was essentially a 4D studio with motion simulated chairs that virtually recreated two popular roller coaster rides from Six Flags.

Sony’s Creates an Interactive Tabletop

Sony’s Interactive Tabletop uses an innovative projecter that has depth sensors and motion tracking to recognize when objects are placed on the table and pair them with virtual representations.

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