5 Things You Can Learn from Augment's Essential Guide to Augmented Reality
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augmentAugment is a venture-backed AR company!
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5 Things You Can Learn from Augment's Essential Guide to Augmented Reality

by Augment

"A great summary of the potential for AR."

- Amy Messenger, Managing Director, US Technology Practice, Ogilvy

Learn which software & hardware companies lead AR right now.

From Pokemon Go to the Microsoft Hololens, see which major players are leading the way right now.

Interested in working in AR? See how it applies to business

Overall, augmented reality can be applied to many industries ‒ entertainment, gaming, navigation, design, marketing, sales, omni-commerce retail (just to name a few).

Learn about how 3D models and how to make AR experiences.

Understanding augmented reality involves learning how the technology works from a technical perspective. See how AR is built from a 3D model to showing a virtual Pokemon through your iPhone.

Get "Augment's Essential Guide to Augmented Reality" today!

Download here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LBBQZFU/?ref_=aga_h_su_B01LBBQZFU_title#nav-subnav

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