Skyward Eyes
Skyward Eyes sky stories
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audreycave 19 year old Iowa Girl
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Skyward eyes. “Life is a story full of effortless glory”

Skyward Eyes

Bright skyward eyes. Come hope with the sunrise.

She prays every night; Dear Lord help me fight.

The life you have given. The sins you've forgiven.

She’s alone with her thoughts. Her soul is in knots.

Nowhere to hide. Oh why did she lie!?

The one she loved most. Is now just a ghost.

What is the point of living? What’s the point of giving?

She has no one by her side. Why does she even try?

But with bright skyward eyes. She look to the skies.

And leaves with a trail. in a storm full a gale.

Life is a short messy story. Full of effortless glory.

She gives up. With some pills and a cup.

And lies on earth, dead. With nothing to mend.

She looks to the skies. With bright star lit eyes.

The end is a horrible thing. But now she flies with wings.

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