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by audracampbell

Desist from casting those natural bulbs of yours on my exam paper and copy. Where were you when I had sleepless nights with the help of few cups of coffee,

Plus having to use candles and sometimes kerosene oil lamp as a source of light to study?

Sometimes my friends would ask if I’m advertising bags as my eyes would look tired and beneath it baggy.

Yes, nights when hunger visited and my poor tummy rumbled just for even a little piece of patty. All you did was to idle and run the street like you were made to be called Miss Hottie-hottie

But later on when exam time comes you prey on others’ work making you Miss Copie-copie. I’m convinced that along with other deviant acts, copying is also your hobby.

The last time you cheated it was evident as the name you had on your paper was Catty And everybody knows you as no other than the popular ‘Copy Cat’. Oops! Gabby.

The other day you argued with a struggling classmate and behaved extraordinarily cocky But if you know what I know you would humble yourself and just relax your ‘Copy Cat’ body.

In life, when you know you are as guilty as charged it pays to play cool and behave humbly If not, when your flaws are revealed you may end up being too sorry.

You need to stop being stupid and start behaving more smartly Because to survive in the working world you need to show that you are savvy.

There may not be anyone around to help and so you would have to rely on knowledge gained, if you had gained any.

Please, start thinking about the future, do your own work and be someone with integrity.

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