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Now I know
there is no defect


Sibyl by Esther Jones

Sibyl by Esther Jones An imitation of Delphi by H.D.

My song.

Now I know

Now I know there is no defect

and all that I am is a refined self;

now I know that the tale of my defect

is lies;

their dogma has outwitted their sense.

My sin

My sin is no fault of my soul

for my maker

for my maker created me thus.

My spirit

My spirit flies with wings.

Now I know

that all who have judged me ill,

who pretend love

and threaten true love,

are hiding their souls from the mirror.

Hate threatens, howls anger, is gone.

So they are not for long.

Are you right?

Are you right? Am I wrong?

In the light

In the light we prevail—but the truth

will endure

to question

to question their faith when they falter.

The blame is on all, yet

they know not remorse or regret.

I remain

Innocent, unbroken, whole:

this is me;

I have wings.

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