Marvel's Renegades: Chapter Four (SCAPEGOAT) (PART 5 of 5)
Marvel's Renegades: Chapter Four (SCAPEGOAT) (PART 5 of 5) marvel comics stories

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Stay tuned for the next chapter of Marvel's Renegades, titled the GENESIS!!!

Marvel's Renegades: Chapter Four (SCAPEGOAT) (PART 5 of 5)


Nicole: "Ernn! Wake up!"

"Shut up!", one of Isaiah's gang members yells at Nicole.

Nicole starts yelling for help.

Isaiah: "Put some of that goddamn tape over her mouth!"

Unexpectedly, Ernn wakes up, and while dizzy, he takes a look at what is going on around him. As he looks around, Ernn sees Isaiah's gang members, spilling gasoline all over the house.

Ernn takes a minute to breathe, then upon looking to his right and sees his mom

tied to a chair.

"The fuck?", Ernn says as he sees his mom tied to a chair.

"The kid is awake.", the gang member says to his boss.

"Good... This won't take me long.", Isaiah says as he walks towards Ernn.

Isaiah: "Listen kid, that bag that you stole is essential to me, so you better tell me where the goddamn bag is before I lose my patience."

Ernn: "I don't know what you are talking about!"

Isaiah: "Kid, don't play with me. Where's the bag?"

"I don't---", Ernn says before getting punch by Isaiah, causing blood to come out of Ernn's mouth.

Isaiah: "Tell me! Where's the fucking bag?"

Ernn: "Jeremiah has it---"

"---Lier!", Isaiah says as he punches Ernn multiple times.

Suddenly, Ernn looks at Isaiah while raging, but ends up getting shocked by a collar attached to his neck.

Isaiah: "I fucking knew it!

When you and your friends were in my club, I sensed one of you was one of us, but I wasn't sure who that person was until now, thanks to this little collar I stole from Trask Industries...

Tell me kid, what are you? A shapeshifter? A telepath? A psychic?"

"Listen kid, I just want you to tell me where the bag is. That's all I want.", Isaiah tells Ernn while calm, but Ernn still doesn't give him an answer.

At seeing that Ernn refuses to answer his question, Isaiah starts to walk in a circle while impatient.

"Please, let my mom go! She has nothing to do with this!", Ernn says as he looks at his mom.

Isaiah looks at him while angry.

Ernn: "Please...!"

"Alright... I'll do it because she has nothing to do with this, but If she screams or does something stupid, I'll shot her!", Isaiah says to Ernn.

Ernn, while dizzy, looks at his mom and then nods at Isaiah, agreeing to what he has said.

Isaiah: "Jaylen, take her to the SUV and leave her somewhere far from here."

"As you wish, sir.", one of his goons says.

Jaylen walks to Nicole and unties her from the chair, but at untying her, Nicole quickly stands up, pulls some scissors from behind her back, and proceeds to attack Jaylen with it.

"Mom! What are you doing!?", Ernn at witnessing what his mom his doing says.

Isaiah, at seeing Jaylen trying to avoid getting stabbed by Nicole walks to him, takes Nicole by her shoulder with his right hand, and with his incredible strength,

he sends her back against the wall.

"Mom!", Ernn yells as he sees his mom landing unconscious on the ground.

Isaiah bends to help's Jaylen to stand up and quickly takes his gun.

"Wait! What are you doing!?", Ernn, while raging, says as Isaiah walks towards his mom with gun in hand.

"I'm sorry kid, but she brought it on herself!", Isaiah says before shooting his mom multiple times in the head.

"No!", Ernn says as he uncontrollably cries his mother dead.

Isaiah walks up to Jaylen and gives him back his gun.

Isaiah: "Now... where's the bag!?"

"I will fucking kill you!", Ernn yells out loud while raging.

"Whatever kid!", Isaiah says before knocking Ernn out.

Isaiah: "It's going to be hard to get a grip on that bag, but it will be a lot less stressful than dealing with this kid."

"Tell the rest that we are out of her.", Isaiah tells Jaylen as he takes out a cigar and light it.

Isaiah takes a couple of hits from his cigar as he walks towards the main door of the house.

"Rest in peace, kid.", Isaiah says as he looks back at the unconscious Ernn and throws his cigar at the sofa inside the house, causing the house to start catching on fire.


Jessica is having difficulties while driving under the influence of alcohol.

Elise: "You are going to end up killing us!"

Jessica: "No... I'm not! You will get home safe...!"

While Jessica continues driving, Elise sees that the traffic light ahead of them is red.

Elise: "Stop! The light is red!"

Jessica abruptly brakes.

Elise: "My god...! You are going to end up killing us all!"

Jessica: "Jeez, girl! I saw the light and I was about to stop! You need to stop being so

paranoid! Nothing is going to happen to us! You'll see!"

Shawn: "It turned green!"

Jessica starts to drive when suddenly...

"Jess, wait!", Elise hysterically yells when unexpectedly a semi-truck driving over the speed limit, violently hits the car sending it a couple of meters away.


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