Marvel's Renegades: CHAPTER FIVE (GENESIS) (FANFIC) (PART 9)
Marvel's Renegades: CHAPTER FIVE (GENESIS) (FANFIC) (PART 9) marvel comics stories

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Marvel's Renegades: CHAPTER FIVE (GENESIS) (FANFIC) (PART 9)


Amy and Nicole drive to a big mansion in the middle of nowhere. Upon making it to the front of the mansion. Nicole gets off the car and opens one of the rear doors for Amy.

Amy is reluctant to leave her aunt's car, but ultimately she does so.

As Amy leaves the vehicle, Nicole helps her niece to take her baggage out of the car when suddenly a young red hair adult woman, along with a tall and muscular man,

come out of the mansion to greet their new member.

"Nicole, long time no see! How are you?", the muscular man asks Nicole as he walks with the young woman towards her.

Nicole: "I'm good, Hank. What about you?"

"Oh, I couldn't be any better! How's Devan? It has been a long time since I haven't heard about him.", Hank replies to Nicole as he's now standing in front of her.

Nicole: "He's alright, and busy most of the time. Since he traveled to Africa about a month ago, I haven't heard about him."

Hank: "Well, give him my greetings when you see him."

"I will.", Nicole says as she smiles.

"Nicole, this is Jean Grey. She's of our older students, and she's going to be helping me to introduce your niece to our students and faculty members.

", Hank says as the young adult woman reaches her hand to Nicole.

"Nice to meet you, Miss Jackson.", Jean says as she shakes hands with Nicole.

Nicole: "Nice to meet you too."

"Aunty, I don't want to stay here. I'm scared.", Amy whispers to her aunt as she hides behind her.

"Don't worry.", Jean telepathically says to Amy as she kneels.

Amy at hearing Jean's voice inside her mind, while shy, she approaches her.

Amy: "What are you?"

Jean: "I'm a telekinetic, and also a telepath just like you."

"What's a telekinetic and a telepath?", Amy curiously asks.

"Well, a telepath is someone who's able to read thoughts and experience the memories of others like you and me, and a telekinetic is someone who's able to lift things with their mind",

Jean replies.

Amy: "Can you lift something with your powers?"

"Sure.", Jean says as she laughs.

At the request of Amy, Jean stands up and raises both of her hands as she closes her eyes.

Upon doing so, Jean starts lifting some of the rocks near the fountain located in front of the mansion and stars spinning them around them.

Amy, Nicole, and Hank are amused by Jean's spectacular powers when suddenly Jean lift herself with all of them of the ground. In the beginning, Amy and Nicole were scared for their life.

Still, at seeing that Jean had absolute control over her powers, they let the fear go and instead enjoyed the fantastic experience.

After a couple of minutes of showing off her incredible abilities, Jean returns all of the rocks to their locations and puts Amy, Nicole, Hank, herself back on the ground.

Once she's done doing so, Amy and Nicole start cheering for her to what she responds with a big smile.

"Do you want me to show you the mansion?", Jean asks Amy as she cheers.

"Yes!", Amy happily replies to Jean as she starts approaching her.

"Alright, then follow me!", Jean says as she levitates Amy and herself inside the mansion.

Nicole is in silence, contemplating how her niece smiles in joy once again when she suddenly turns to Hank.

Nicole: "Hank, I need you to promise me that you will take care of her."

"Nicole, there's nothing to worry about. This mansion is equipped with a top-notch security system. There's no way something can get or leave the mansion without our knowledge.

", Hank says to Nicole to bury her worries.

"I know, but I still need somebody, who I trust, to watch out for her... Can you promise me that you will do that?", Nicole asks Hank as she's about to cry.

"I promise.", Hank replies as he looks at Nicole right to her eyes.

Nicole, at hearing Hank's vowing to protect her niece, she proceeds to handle him Amy's luggage.

Afterward, to avoid being broken-hearted at leaving her niece, she walks up to her car when suddenly...

"Aunty wait!", Amy yells from the mansion's entrance as she runs towards her aunt.

Once Amy gets to her aunt, she stops at a safe distance to avoid getting inside her aunt's mind.

Amy: "What's going to happen with Uncle Christopher, Ernn, and you?"

"We'll be alright. We might have to move out to a new place, but we'll be alright.", Nicole says as she avoids getting emotional in front of her niece.

Amy: "Are you and Ernn going to come and visit me?"

Nicole: "Of course we will, honey."

"I know you are sad and that you don't want to see me cry.", Amy says as she genuinely wishes to hug her aunt.

"Don't worry. I'm shielding her. You can hug your aunt.", Jean says to Amy telepathically as she walks towards them.

Upon hearing this, Amy quickly dashes towards her aunt and giver her a firm hug.

Nicole, at getting hugged, kneels down to her niece to give her a hug, as in the process of doing so, she lets her feeling go.

"We all are going to miss you!", Nicole, while crying, says to Amy as she gives her her dolorous goodbyes.

After a couple of seconds of this emotional moment, Nicole gives Amy one last kiss on her forehead before standing up, getting her car and leaving.

As Nicole leaves, she looks at her mirror to look at her heartbroken.


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