Marvel's Renegades: CHAPTER FIVE (GENESIS) (FANFIC) (PART 3)
Marvel's Renegades: CHAPTER FIVE (GENESIS) (FANFIC) (PART 3) marvel comics stories

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Marvel's Renegades: CHAPTER FIVE (GENESIS) (FANFIC) (PART 3)


The young Amy runs inside the room with joy and quickly jumps on her bed.

Amy, upon jumping on her bed, immediately takes her blanket and covers herself with it as a woman while smiling enters the room.

"Mija, what have I told you about jumping on your bed?", the woman asks Amy as she starts tickling her.

"I'm sorry!", the young Amy exclaims as she laughs out loud as a result of getting tickled by the woman.

"One day, you are going to finish breaking your bed, and you will end up helping me to repair it.", the woman says to Amy as she sits in bed.

Amy: "No, I won't if Uncle Devan or Uncle Christopher are here."

"Well, Chris got deployed overseas, and I don't think he'll be here any time soon, and Devan is always busy.

I don't think they will be here anytime soon to fix your bed, so please, girl, stop jumping on your bed. Okay?", the woman says to Amy as she lays back on her bed.

"Yeah... Aunty, how is that mutants came to existence and why do people hate them?", Amy asks as her aunt covers her with her blanket.

"Those are really good questions to be answered with an old story that my mom just to tell when I was a kid.", the woman says.

"With a story?", Amy asks.

"Yeah, that's the only way how I can answer your question. Apart from that, I feel that this is a good time for a story.", the woman says.

"Alright then.", Amy says with disgust.

"Alright then? Oh, I see! You think you are too old for bedtime stories.", Amy's aunt says as she avoids laughing.

"I mean I kinda am.", Amy says, while embarrassed.

"Amy, you are just teen years old. You still a kid. Besides, bedtime stories aren't just for little kids.

You will be surprised by the number of parents out there that still read bedtime stories to their teenage kids.

Still, if you feel that you are too old for bedtimes stories, then I'll go, and I'll tell them to your cousin.", the woman says as she stands from Amy's bed.

"Alright, aunty! You can tell me a bedtime story... but make it quick.", Amy says, while awkward.

At Amy saying this, her aunt walks back to her bed while giggling and sits beside Amy.

Amy's Aunt: "Once upon a time, Cleito, a mortal woman who was stranded in an isolated island, begged for help to those who resided in the paradise above the skies.

Cleito, whether it was day or night, fought against all challenges that put at risk her survival without forgiving about the deities that protected her.

On the eight-day, while she prepared to sleep, a violent storm arrived, and with it, a massive wave that covered every corner of the island.

As the sea carried Cleito away, she prayed for help, but at the moment she started to receive the death with her arms open, a mysterious man took her in his arms, and without hesitation,

he kissed her.

Once the lips of the mysterious man were laid upon those of Cleitos, she opened her eyes, and as they emerged from the rough waters of the sea,

she contemplated the mysterious man who had saved her.

As time pass, the love between Cleito and the mysterious man who had saved her grew stronger and stronger until, out of their love, five sets of twins were born.

Atlas, Eumolos, Ampheres, Euaimon, Mneseos, Autochthon, Elasippos, Mestor, Azaes, and Diaprepres were all males. They were gifted a giant land of their own to rule at birth by their father.

Some of the twins were also born with other gifts like Atlas, who could travel beyond the boundaries of this world, and Diaprepes, who was born with all sorts of knowledge.

With time the land ruled by the twins became the center of many technologically, politically, and scientific advances, but because of this advances,

many other nations feared the immense potential of this growing empire, which they all called Atlantis.

To ease the tensions between other nations, the twins, without the consent of Diaprepes and Atlas, decided to let outsiders of the other less developed nations to reside on the island.

Diaprepes and Atlas, to save the land they ruled and love from the dangerous wilderness that resided within their land,

decided to conspire against their twins by making a deal with the evil gods, who their father was against.

When the evil gods were asked for help by Diaprepes and Atlas, the evil gods requested Atlas and Diaprepes for a favor in return.

This favor the evil gods requested was for Atlas and Diaprepes to murder Poseidon, who was their father.

In the beginning, the twins denied committing to such thing, but eventually, at seeing how their land was being ruined by those from the other nations, Atlas,

along with an enchanted sword build by his brother, Diaprepes, murdered his father.

At doing so, the evil gods immediately betrayed Atlas and Diaprepes by driving the outsiders into murdering the thousands of Atlanteans, including the other eight twins.

At witnessing the betrayal, Diaprepes turned to the Olympian gods for help, help which they immediately concede.

As soon as the outsiders were driven out of Atlantis by the Atlanteans and the Olympian gods,

Atlas was condemned to protect the space that set our world from heaven and the underworld apart for the rest of his life.

Diaprepes was forgiven by the gods and appointed the new and sole ruler of the Atlantean Empire.

Years later, Atlantis was again invaded, but this time it wasn't invaded by any ordinary nation, but by one dominated by people equal in power to those of Atlas, Diaprepes,

and many other Atlanteans. This nation was called Lemuria, and it was mostly composed of a pre-human race of humans known as the Deviants.

These Lemurians raided and killed thousand of Atlanteans without reason, and as a result of it, an eternal war between the two nations was born.

At the time this was happening, a young man's name was becoming a synonym for danger as he dethroned the evils that surrounded the empire of Valusia.

Kull was his name, a name that was soon to be forbidden by the Lemurian empire at trying to engage in conflict with his now ruled empire.

Eventually, Kull aided his native land of Atlantis on its war against the deviants of Lemuria by sending some of his bravest men and scientists.

Years after millions of casualties, the war ended with peace of treaty between the Atlantean empire and the nation of Lemuria.

The peace established good relations between Atlantis, Valusia, Lemuria, and many other nations.

Still, it didn't end the rivalry and fears of both nations as they both tried to harness powerful weapons that could be used against each other.

While the sorcerers of Atlantis worked on creating weapons able to manipulate elements like water, air, earth, fire, and the soul of the living,

the Lemurian empire had already worked on a weapon of their own. A crown that served as a vessel for the power of Set, the Evil Elder God.

The crown was called the serpent crown as its shape assimilated those of the scaly body of a snake. At last, the inevitable war between both empires took place.

The deviants of Lemuria had invaded the Atlantean empire, and the empire of Valusia sent his troops to support them once again. Still, this time it didn't go as the Valusians were expecting.

Upon their arrival, the Valusians were confronted by the Lemurian king himself, Aldor. As the Valusian troops dashed towards, Aldor they were all driven to insanity by the king's crown.

After being driven to insanity, the Valusian troops turned and proceeded to slay each other until there were all dead.

At Aldor and his troops managing their way to the heart of Atlantis, King Kammu, Queen Zartra,

and the sorcerers of Atlantis engaged in combat against the troops of Lemuria as an attempt to protect it, but they were outnumbered.

King Kammu, at witnessing some of his loyalist sorcerers getting slain by Aldor's troops, defied King Aldor of Lemuria to mortal combat.

After minutes of intense combat, King Kammu ended with Aldor's life by decapitating him.

Still, once the crown of the Lemurian King felt to the ground,

most of the Lemurian and Atlanteans present during the combat were instantly affected by the evil energies of the crown and soon enough the whole continent of Atlantis,

causing all of its population to murder each other. One of those affected by the crown was Kammu's wife, Zartra, who tried to kill the king.

Kammu, at not being able to save Zartra from the evil energies of the crown, put her out of her misery by stabbing her right in her heart, causing her a quick death.

Kammu, while devastated, ordered a group of his loyalist sorcerers to open the magma chambers of Atlantis to put an end to the insanity and chaos that was dominating the whole empire.

While the king continued fighting for his life, the sorcerers managed their way to the magma chambers, but upon getting to them,

the sorcerers were ambushed and attacked by some of the civilians.

One of the sorcerers, at witnessing the death of the rest of the sorcerers at the hands of the civilians, quickly took one of the elemental swords. While holding it up facing towards the skies, she cast one last spell before striking the swords sharpened blade against the ground. As soon as the sword struck the ground, a powerful volcanic eruption occurred and with it an incredibly violent earthquake. As the continent trembled, millions of Atlanteans continued murdering each other. At the same time, those who weren't affected by the crown run through the chaos with hopes of fleeing the island in time. As a result of the eruption and the mega-earthquake, Atlantis will soon begin to sink along with the evil crown and the millions of innocent people that were affected by it. Only those Atlanteans who were water breathers could survive while those who were not fled to unknown lands of the Western Hemisphere. Since then, the story of the lost empire of Atlantis has been told to remind people that grudge, jealousy, prejudice, and immorality can lead to the fall of all people, whether they are from the same kind or not."


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