Marvel's Renegades: CHAPTER FIVE (GENESIS) (FANFIC) (PART 2)
Marvel's Renegades: CHAPTER FIVE (GENESIS) (FANFIC) (PART 2) marvel comics stories

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Marvel's Renegades: CHAPTER FIVE (GENESIS) (FANFIC) (PART 2)


Amy is walking, with her lunch box, among the occupied tables of the lunchroom when she suddenly notices the annoyed kid sitting by himself.

At seeing the kid, Amy, while shy, goes on and sits on the opposite side of the table. A while after sitting on the table, Amy takes her lunch out of her lunch box.

Still, at getting ready for lunch, she notices the fascinating drawings of the kid sitting across the table.

"Where did you learn to draw like that?", Amy asks the kid as she looks at his drawings, but the kid doesn't answer. Instead, he continues with his drawings.

"We have a drawing teacher, but not even him could draw like that!", Amy exclaims as she expects a reaction out of the kid.

After a couple of seconds, Amy comes to the conclusion that the kid is ignoring her, but that doesn't stop her as she continues to stare at the kid.

Unexpectedly the kid quickly takes a glimpse at Amy to see if she's done staring at him when he notices that she hasn't given up yet.

"Can you stop looking at me?", the kid asks Amy while annoyed.

Amy: "I won't until you tell me your name!"

At hearing this, the kid ignores her and continues drawing, but he's unable to focus on his drawing due to Amy's perseverance.

"Good God... My name is Collin! Can you now stop staring at me, please?", the annoyed kid replies.

Amy: "Nice to meet you, Collin! My name is Amy!"

The kid, while annoyed, closes his eyes and continues drawing.

"You aren't allergic to peanut butter, right!?", Amy asks Collin as she is about to open her lunch.

"No, I'm not.", Collin replies as he continues working on his drawings.

Amy: "Good! Do you half of my peanut butter sandwich?"

Collin: "Sure."

"So, where are you from?", Amy asks Collin as she Amy gives him half of her peanut butter sandwich.

Collin: "Frederick."

Amy: "That's too far from here!"

"Frederick it's like forty minutes away from here! That's not really that far!", Collin exclaims rudely.

"So, what brings you to Baltimore?", Amy asks Collin after a brief silence.

Collin: "I had to move in with my mom for my own safety."

"Your own safety?", Amy asks while curious.

"Yeah... my dad as been getting death threats for helping a friend of his with some legal problems here in Baltimore.", Collin replies as he eats the peanut butter sandwich.

"Is that friend the mutant that everybody is talking about?", Amy asks while timid.

"So you have heard about it?", Collin asks Amy with embarrassment.

Amy: "Yeah. A friend told me about it... People around here are horrible towards them and everybody who helps them."

Collin continues eating the sandwich with his head down.

"I don't believe what people say about him to be true.", Amy says.

"I don't either... I believe that people are falsely accusing him due to the simple fact that he's a mutant, and being honest, that makes me incredibly mad.

People need to realize that they are like us. That we shouldn't hate or be afraid of them for being a bit different than us.", Collin exclaims.

Amy: "I believe that most people hate them because they are jealous of how special and gifted they all are."

"Who's that in your drawing?", Amy asks Colling as she enjoys her peanut butter sandwich.

"Oh... this is Captain America or at least a sketch of him... I'm trying to sketch the armored suit and the shield that he used to fight the Nazis during the Second War.

", Collins replies as he shows her his drawing.

Collin: "I know it looks ugly, but it's just a sketch---"

"It looks great. I like it.", Amy says as she handles Collin his sketch.

"Thanks.", Collin says with a smile as he takes his sketch back.

"So you are into superheroes, right?", Amy says as she finishes her sandwich.

Collin: "Yes, I am. I'm a big fan of Captain America and the Ant-Man."

"Why? What do you like about them?", Amy asks.

"I just like their motivation and the story behind their transition to becoming the legends that they are today.

Both of them were two simple men, who despite all the barriers they had in their lives, got to achieve their desires of serving for the greater good of all people.

", Collin says as he looks at his sketch of Captain America.

Collin: "What about you? Do you have any favorite superheroes?"

Amy: "Not really. I know a couple of them like Captain America, Miss Marvel, and the Ant-Man and the Wasp, but that's it."

"If you could have a superpower, which would it be?", Collin asks Amy as he continues with his drawing.

Amy: "I don't know... Probably the ability to read minds!"

"Why?", Collin asks out of curiosity.

Amy: "Because with such ability, I would be able to cheat on all of my History exams!"

"Really? History isn't that hard.", Collin says as he laughs.

Amy: "I know... It's just that I find History very boring. I'm more of a science person."

"I like science, but I am not that proficient at it.", Collins says when suddenly...

"What do we have here?", a kid says to his group of friends as he abruptly takes Collin's drawings.

"Hey give me my drawings back!", Collin exclaims in anger.

"Or what mutie lover?", the bully says fiercely at Collin.

Collin: "Or I will have to kick your ass!"

"Oh really?", the kid says before ripping Collin's sketches apart.

At Collin seeing this, he, while furious, stands up to fight the kid, but its quickly intercepted by Amy.

"What are you doing?", Collin says to Amy while infuriated.

"Let me take care of this.", Amy says as she turns around to confront the group of kids.

Amy: "Francis, please go away."

"Or what?", Francis exclaims when suddenly a teacher approaches the group of kids.

Teacher: "What are you two doing?"

"He came here to start insulting us. Then he took Collin's drawings and tear them apart and punched me on my arm.", Amy says as she rolls up her sleeves and shows the teacher her bruised arm.

"On my god!", the teacher says in shock as she looks at Amy's arm.

Francis: "Wait, that's not true! I did teared up his drawings, but I did not---"

The teacher grabs Francis by his arm.

"Francis, you are coming to the office with me!", the teacher exclaims as while maddened as she drags Francis to the principal's office.

"She's lying! I swear! I swear!", Francis cries as he's dragged away.

As soon as Francis is dragged away, the other kids give a last look at Amy before walking away.

"Whoa! How did you do that?", Collin says while surprised.

"While he was confronting you, I squeezed my arm as hard as I could to make it get bruised. Then I just lied, and the teacher instantly believed me.

Apart from that, Francis is no good kid, and the teacher know that!", Amy says as she rolls down her sleeves and sits.

"Wow! I'm amazed!", Collin exclaims as he picks up what's left of his drawings.

"I'm sorry about your drawings.", Amy says as she looks at the saddened Collin.

"It's alright. I can redo all of them. I will take time, but it should be able to re-draw every single one of them!", Collin says as he takes a sit.

Collin: "Thanks---"

"Oh, you don't have to thank me. I owned you one for what you did during our History class.", Amy says as Collin looks at her with a smile.

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