A Night By The Shoreline
      A Night By The Shoreline nightprompt stories

atreyee_s Community member
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Solitude defines your moment.
For @alanad's contest.

A Night By The Shoreline

As you walk towards the pale sands,the moon peeps from behind the dark,palm trees and casts its glorious light upon your face;

Your eyes twinkle like that of the hundreds of stars up above.

The moist breeze touching your cheeks,clears the fog inside your head,

Allowing your thoughts to flow like the cycling waters ahead.

As your warm feet touch the cool sands, calmness flows through your veins and peace fills up your lungs.

Watching the glistening waters play with the wind,makes your heart smile and kindles an urge to join their game.

You step into the cold water,ready to dive in,

But you stop.

Time blends you in the moment as you walk along the shoreline, treading both water and sand.

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