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atqashahid Community member
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This is a poem about how corona virus has disturbed the life of students

Covid 19

In a beautiful globe

When no one knows about a dangerous microbe,

Children of every nation

Went to school for education,

And then they used to have an interesting conversation;

Students gather in the school hall,

Whether they were small or tall.

Every weekend they used to visit the big mall

And enjoyed the weather of fall,

Now they miss this all;

I am only fourteen

And I heard about COVID 19,

Now we are in lockdown

In a big and gorgeous town.

The virus have made us bore

Do you want to know a little more?

Everything was fine before,

Are you ready for Corona war?

This is not enough scary

And you need not to worry,

Just stay home, and have some strawberry;

Don't ignore the wise advise,

Wash your hands more than twice

And that will be so nice.

The virus is a great threat

As it continuously spreads,

Although it is a deadlier thing

But every dark cloud has a silver lining.

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