Genesis of Man; According to Lilith
Genesis of Man; According to Lilith god stories

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The story of the creation of man and told in the tragedy that was Lilith

Genesis of Man; According to Lilith


In the beginning there was Adam. Adam said, let there be good. And there was much sorrow. For Adam failed to create from nothingness.

From Adam there was born an emptiness inside of him that he could not fill... So He created anew. Lilith was born, made of Earth.

Sculpted in his image, but lovelier, in his wanting mind he molded, of dirt, stone and Bark.

From her gaping mouth, He Breathed, He Cried, He Bled and He cut his own life force in twine, His heart. Giving Lilith parts of him that would become what is now known as a Woman.

Adam made love to what he called Lilith, spilling his seedling, accursed and spent Adam felt grief. She would not wake, she would not speak and she would not move. Or so Adam believed.

And so, Adam, finding his error, built a new woman and, correcting his error, took and gave a rib from himself,

he took and placed his right Vena Amoris into the left arm of his molded counterpart. From this, the heart and bone would be able to keep form and thus, Stay Alive.

Then, from the gaping mouth of a one called, Eve, He Breathed, He Cried, He Bled and He cut his heart once more in twine.

He parted her below and reaching inside, made a womb, and from there he placed a seed. Spilling inside this Knoll, he was spent. And what was left of him that was good was little and few.

For their hearts shrunk. And the hollowness was overwhelming. But Eve walked. She breathed. She spoke and she felt. Just as him.

They made each other partially whole, all while the husk that was Lilith watched.. and with each passing day, she witnessed Adam and Eve laugh, play and love...

while Lilith was forgotten, born of Earth and not of man. Lilith's body began to grow from just the husk.

She moved and followed through eyes of birds, lions, frogs and things that were not human. Her eyes were all that was nature. Lilith felt as Adam, took from her.

He swallowed, He sipped, He raked and He chopped. From her wails, he breathed her in. From her tears, he drank her in.

From her body he selfishly seeded and pulled apart for sustenance and irrigation.

From the passion of her very burning heart and her bones of bark, he stole warmth and shelter and from each action he disposed of her when done, carelessly and with no appreciation.

And through him she would travel, Letting loose his bowels to show what he had undone from her. What was left was nothing but filth.

As she felt each transgression and watched as she was taken and raped, She became full of Hurt, Anguish, Fear, Strain, Stress, Anxiety and Struggle,

she fell to absolute Disquietude as she depressed.

As Adam played upon her and did what he will, warping her for his own selfish need, she fell into dysphoria, what was then, what is she now and what shall she become at the hands of this beast?

This and more, all while she watched Adam find Love, compassion, friendship, joy, comfort and bliss of what he would call Eve. Everything he had not found in Lilith...

How could he create her and leave her to feel all this? How could he name her, give her dominion and still treat her like she was nothingness?

Then, From the love of Adam and Eve, came from the seedling a creature. A man. They named him Abel. And with him, Peace. She began to stir... She began to tremble... She began to wake...

The roots became her veins, the bark, her bone, the stone her skin.. And with all of this, she would make them feel her Wrath...

Lilith took the seed that Adam had spilled in her so carelessly and she took the heart that he gave her, discarded and abandoned and she felt a passion not felt by all..

Her heart, Now twice the size of man and with so much love to give gave birth... She began to grow... She she began to live... She would begin to nurture...As She would become Nature.

Mother Nature. She would have her revenge... No matter how long it took.. and she would learn to enjoy it. The concept of time was nothing to her for in all ways she can preserve.

But Lilith would soon find out... Adam was fraud! And she would find that this was not the only world out there... Nor was Adam even the creator... only the mimicker.

He could not create but from creation itself, yes, he was the abuser, the accursed and the damn pest to a perfect place deemed Eden.

She would show her anger through what would be deemed as natural destruction. In retreat, she fled... She created her own home... Her own garden... Her Avalon, The Isle of Apples.

And then from her and Adam, when first he spilt such seed, came babe, the one known as Cain.. and with him... War.

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