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In a world where dinosaurs roam the Earth...


I peer through my binoculars with more anger in my body than the Tyrannosaurus Rex, who can't seem to control hers.

She's becoming irritated as several jeeps surround her in a circle, all of them spouting nets and wild looking machines.

The T-Rex is getting cornered into the crest of a large redwood tree as she swings her head every which way, roaring, spit flying, hoping to frighten the mysterious things encircling her.

Time to take action.

"Come on Rama. Lets have some fun." I say. He stands up from resting and I jump off from a high tree branch, swiftly slipping onto the leather saddle around the crest of his shoulders.

He lets out a throaty roar and begins barreling through the forest towards the screaming T-Rex.

I see her lying on the ground, a wire net with spiked balls at the ends to act as anchors, over her enormous body and thick ropes are wrapped around her ankles.

Rama roars as he swings his head and slams his neck into the nearest jeep, doing the same with the other two.

The vehicles are like little pieces of bark compared to Rama and I know this gives him a sense of accomplishment.

Men in black uniforms and clunky boots caked with mud heft large barrel guns up to their shoulders, firing instantly. This only makes Rama angrier.

He brawls and snorts, occasionally sending me shaking in my seat. But that doesn't matter. I am as quick as lightning and twice as powerful.

When Rama calms, I swiftly jump down and, using my pair of guns, begin to fire at the men, screaming profanities.

One turns around, the gun against his shoulder, and he fires, sending an arc of blue energy towards me. I duck, tasting dirt.

Something whizzes past my ear and it takes me a moment to register that it was a bullet that missed its target.

More and more bullets fly past me and every time, I pass them. In one swift force of my legs, I pounce off of the ground, landing with a thud behind the group of men.

Before they realize what’s hit them, I use the handle of my guns to knock out one man in front of me. The other men quickly twist around and I kick the closest one to me in the groin.

He doubles over.

Suddenly, arms wrap around my neck and it's hard to breathe. I jerk my head back as forcefully as possible, connecting with his nose.

There's a loud cracking sound and the man hollers, screaming profanities straight into my ear. I break free of his hold and punch him squarely in the gut.

He falls over, blood gushing from his nose as he cradles it in his hand. Might of broke it.

Just when I stoop into my fighting stance, body low and guns outstretched, I realize that all the men have either run away or are sprawled on the ground right where I left them.

The T-Rex is quiet, almost unnatural, but when I go over to her, she breathes deeply. I know I have to work fast.

I take out my knife and I start cutting and hacking at the thick ropes. There are cords tied around her ankles as well and that takes me longer than I would have cared to admit.

When I cut through the last cord, she snorts and stands, almost stepping on me in the process.

I see she has little cuts all over her body from the wire netting but she walks off like nothing happened. Those cuts are nothing to her.

When she gets to edge of the forest, she turns around and cocks her head, looking straight at me. She roars, so deafening loud that even Rama dips his head in respect.

Then, she disappears into the foliage. I take a deep breath, feeling triumphant in the rescue.

“Y-you…” I hear a raspy voice from the ground and I turn to the source. The man is cupping his bloody nose as he looks up at me.

“You stupid rebels… Thinking you can make a difference…” I flash the man a smile.

“Com’on Rama, let’s go so that the Compies can get a nice meal.” Rama lowers his neck for me. As I step up on the saddle, I hear the man’s voice again.

“Compies?” He asks, fear edging his tone. I laugh as Rama stands tall, the ground feeling like its hundreds of feet away now.

“Oh yeah, those rascals are really adorable. Don’t worry though, they inject toxins into your skin so you won’t feel any pain as they rip your flesh apart. What a shame."

I wave goodbye as Rama begins to walk away. He stomps back into the forest, a home only humble creatures could love.

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