The Valley of Ashes
The Valley of Ashes dark stories

astroxique astrophysicist in training. writes, too
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Prosperity depends on those willing to sacrifice their bones for the rungs of its ladder. A little something based off of the Great Gatsby.

The Valley of Ashes

Prosperity depends On those willing to sacrifice their bones For the rungs of its ladder:

Ash smothers sunlight

The phoenix impotent, unable to resurrect

Choking, sputtering

Victim of silk-stocking poachers

Pervasive ash defiles pink lungs

A decaying fungus

Violating bodies, corrupting spirits

Before dousing out sanguine sparks

It is here that the river Styx,

With froth of dust and surf of soot,

Sunders the world of the living

From hegemonized proletariats

During their sprint to heaven

Polished leather flings dust

Descending to the depths of purgatory

Snowing over the vanquished

Amidst cinders and holy relics

The eyes of God bare witness

Besmeared with soot unmoved by tears

Rendering their capability to mere witness

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