Thoughts On The Glory Of War
Thoughts On The Glory Of War negative stories

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my girlfriend went on a rant about the moralities of war and it sounded really poetic so i thought what's better than to put it on a site of poetry. the conversation was started because she has this idea for a story involving the great war (which is nothing like what she usually writes; it's usually sci-fi) which explains some of how it is worded.

Thoughts On The Glory Of War

by interuniversals @ (my girlfriend)

theres an old saying in latin:

"dulce et decorum est, pro patria mori"

"it is sweet and honorable to die for the fatherland"

there is nothing sweet and honorable about it.

that phrase is a lie in a golden frame and hung on a wall to influence the children.

children who have never even seen a gun, let alone picked one up and went onto a boat with it

they are children, and already they're influenced by the soulless that it is somehow good to go and die in the trenches because

"it's for your country"

"you'll be a hero to the people"

and the funny part?

most of the time, those men have never even held a gun themselves.

most of the time they are just old men in a black and white three-piece suit with a red or blue tie, white hair, pink-pale skin.

they have never even gone to the same wars they tell the children that it is honorable to go and die in for your country.

they haven't set foot in the desert.

or the villages.

or the camps,

or the trenches,

or even on a train or boat that would go to those places.

they only know comfort luxuries.

such as the green slips of paper that they exchange to send the children to war; the fine wines and steaks and lamb.

they have never seen someone dear to them be blown open with an artillery shell, or be ripped apart by a machine gun, or drown in themselves from mustard gas

they don't know. and they don't want to know.

so instead of their reading specs, they don blindfolds. instead of hearing aids, they use earplugs.

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