apathy death stories
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astromemeking your local schizophrenic dude
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this is about how we as a species can be horribly apathetic to what's going on around us


humans care not for what they harm.

we don't think once as we cast stones into the water as if it's our greatest foe.

we don't think once about the creatures that live in the water as we do so. we don't care.

we don't think twice about the bug that hit the car windshield.

we don't think twice, because all that is to us is a hushed tap and something we will have to clean up later. we don't care.

some of us don't think thrice, even, about the violent hatred toward other humans who've only existed and have done us no wrongs.

we don't think about how they are, like us, only human.

we just don't care.

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