Why the Insanity over a flu?
Why the Insanity over a flu? covid 19 stories

astro_girl667 Someone hear this young heart beat.
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This is a poem I wrote about covid-19

Why the Insanity over a flu?

What in the world is wrong with people these days,

The number of people, partaking in hoarding,

Why the insanity, over a flu,

It can not continue, this all must stop.

We're civilized beings, above this horseplay.

Above fighting elderly over some rice,

Producers have assured us there's plenty more,

Why did it come to this anyway?

Why the selfish ways people have come to.

Why do you need, ten kilos of rice,

What makes you think, you need to fight for food?

What makes you more deserving than another,

We can not forget, the big retailers,

In these times, why raise already high prices?

You're causing people to panic over missing out,

Forgetting the penniless for a higher profit.

This is no way to treat fellow people,

This act is inhumane and barbaric,

These riots and clusters really must stop,

All you're doing is spreading the virus further,

Just take what you need, and we'll all get by,

It will only be a matter of time,

Until this, all comes to an end,

Then what will you do, with your treasure?

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