Truly Alone
Truly Alone lonely stories

astro_girl667 Someone hear this young heart beat.
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This poem is about feeling lonely,
before I'm accused of plagiarism, I posted this on commaful before I made an account, so if you,ve seen this before That was me.

Truly Alone

Have you ever felt completely alone?

I have it's the worst feeling in this world,

You feel as if you're about to shatter,

When you call out but no one hears your plea,

You can only put a smile on and pretend,

that you couldn't be happier, pretend,

that you couldn't be happier, pretend,

That your world didn't collapse on you.

With 7.5 billion people,

haven't you ever felt truly alone?

My world is collapsing on top of me,

and no one hears my desperate call for help,

In this world with billions of people,

I'm falling apart, I'm truly alone.

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