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astro_girl667 Someone hear this young heart beat.
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This ins't my usual writing style, thought I'd give something new a go, hope you enjoy!


I wandered down the hallway, floorboards creaking with every step, the full moon shone through the large glass window illuminating the house with an eerie glow.

The wind howled and the rain sounded as if bullets were hitting the roof. I reached out and grabbed ahold of the doorknob and opened the door.

There he was, lying on my bed, the mysterious man sat up in an instant and snapped his head to meet my eyes,

the wind grew stronger as lightning flashed allowing me to see the knife he held under the sheets. I stood there, surely this wasn't real I must have watched one too many horror movies.

I slowly backed away, he slowly got out of my bed, if this was a dream surely, I would wake up now.

But this was no dream, my slow walk turned into a run, the strange man too increased his speed.

As I ran past the window, I got to see his face, it was completely covered by a black bag with eye slots covered by black netting.

The man was fast. I was barely quick enough to get away, I ran to the front door, but it was locked. I franticly tried to open the many historic locks, but it was hopeless.

The stiff old locks wouldn't budge.

I could hear him coming around the corner from the kitchen, fanatically I ran up the stairs and burst through the window, glass shattering as I fell to the cold frosty river below,

my body surging with adrenaline, I began to swim.

I swam for what felt like hours until I was certain I had lost him and crawled ashore. Climbing on the cold stone-grey rocks and gasping for air.

My body kicked in, blood rushing to my internal organs to keep me from freezing to death. I felt as if I had seen this man before.

It was then I came to realise I had no memories prior to the attack.

I wandered the bank of the river wondering who I was and where I came from.

I shivered from the icy wind and wrapped my arms around my body, then grabbing a hold of my cold numb neck to find a small heart-shaped locket. With curiosity, I removed the locket.

Realising it was one of those ones you could place a small photo inside, I opened it.

To see a photo of three people, an older couple who looked in there early to mid-fifties and a young girl aged around 17, I was quite sure I was not the older lady norman.

I concluded I must be the young girl; I rubbed the locked feeling a dint in the back. I turned it over to see a message inscribed; "Dearest Amanda,

no matter where we go or how far apart, we are, remember we love you,

Love Mum & Dad"

Were these people my parents? If so, where are they? I wondered as I wandered further up the bank and into a town.

With the full moon and the streetlights, I found my way to a hotel and booked a room with the little money I found in my pockets.

The next morning, I woke up and opened the door to my room to see a newspaper lying on the ground, the front page was covered entirely by a missing poster.

There I was, a big picture of me plastered across the front page.

Is this really who I was? Just a delusional, nutjob? Looking out the window I saw hundreds more of these posters being stuck up by none other than the man from last night.

He turned to meet my eyes again and gave me a nod as he pasted up another poster this time reading, "No matter where you go I will always find you, hunt you and kill you."

I turned around in fear hearing a knock on the door, it was the hotel manager, with some other men dressed in blue, the police, the manager dobbed me in. "Amanda don't worry we won't hurt you.

We are here to save you from the man." They said to me very slowly while coming towards me.

They were obviously going to take me to the asylum, with that all my memories flooded back, I WAS Amanda Staller, there IS a man trying to kill me,

no one else has seen this man so no one believes me, which is why I have been sent to Liverpool's confinement centre for the criminally insane and delusional.

"He's real! He is, he is, he is, he is!" I shriek at them while trying to run out the door.

But the men are much stronger than I am and hold me back, while another officer slips a straight jacket around my chest and strapped my arms behind my back.

Then strapped me on a stretcher outside the hotel and took me away.

Now here I am, behind rubber bars no silverware nor glass bowls. Sometimes I wish the man did kill me, even death would be better than where I am now.

Which is why am I am going to finish the job, deemed stable enough to have the jacket removed, I collected some rope. Now with the noose in hand, goodbye world.

The End

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